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Spring Term 2 will run slightly differently to what you are previously used to as we will be reverting back to a basic skills curriculum on 8th March. This means we will be focusing on bridging the gaps again, particularly within English and Maths to ensure that we respond quickly to any gaps with your child's skills and knowledge due to the latest lockdown.


Within English we will kickstart the term with a cold write as this will help us to identify the level your child is working at. From this, we will plan a sequence of lessons which will help enhance your child’s writing abilities. Our English lessons will also have a greater focus around our basic skills, such as handwriting, phonics and spelling skills, SPAG and comprehending texts.


Within Maths we feel it is important to continue with the lessons set out in our medium-term plan as fractions is a huge part of the Year 3 assessments. Due to this, our morning Maths sessions will run as originally planned however we will add additional lessons in the afternoon where we can focus on recapping and bridging the children’s skills and knowledge around place value and the four operations.


Our curriculum will also have a heavy focus around PSHE to ensure children transition well from their home learning process to their school environment. We will complete some settling back in activities and work around our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. In our main PSHE sessions we will also be looking at how bullying matters; thinking about how our behaviours can impact and affect ourselves and others.


In RE we will be exploring celebrations, thinking about what is worth celebrating in our own lives as well as the lives of religious people. We will unpick the true meaning behind Easter and begin to compare this to other religions.


In Science we will be learning all about plants, thinking about the different parts of a flowering plant and the functions for each of these. Our unit of learning will have a greater focus around investigations as we will begin to observe the requirements for a plant to grow and how water is transported within plants.


As always we will be taking parts in lots of physical activities. This term we are implementing a greater variety of sensory and brain breaks to help children transition back to school and we will also be taking part in tennis and Dance for our PE sessions.



Please click on the documents below to see the progression of the spelling rules in Year 3. The Long Term overview shows the full progression during your child's time in year 3 but the Spring Term breakdown provides a weekly list of spelling rules and a list of words that your child will be tested against. 


Each week, your child will stick their spellings into their reading record so hopefully you'll have spellings in two places if they were to go missing! Please could we ask that you record in your child's diary when they have practiced their spellings at home - we will be looking out for these comments and awarding merits each week.


Each week we would like your child to engage with the following:

  • Weekly reading where possible your child should read 3 times to an adult. Please write in your child's diary as merits will be awarded for 3 weekly reads on a Friday. 
  • Spellings Use the look, cover, write check strategy to practice spellings and engage with the lists on Spelling Shed.
  • Times tables - Ensure your child is confident with their 1s, 2s, 3s, 5s and 10 times tables. Once secure, children should progress onto learning their 4s and 8s through quick mental recall. 


Alongside the above, we will also set one other online homework per week. This will either be a activity, a MyMaths activity or a TTRS battle. 


To ensure you are kept up to date with the weekly homework, your child will stick a homework slip into the appropriate week every Friday. Please ensure children have their planners in school every Friday. We will also put a brief reminder of homework on our weekly class blog incase you are unsure. 


Please use the links below to access the online tasks. If you have any issues accessing the homework or do not have access to an iPad or laptop, please contact me and I will provide paper based activities instead.