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Wow! Just like that our time in Year 3 is drawing to a close but we still have plenty of learning opportunities to participate in during Summer Term 2. 


English - Our focus this term will be around playscripts and poetry. Our lessons will follow the usual sequence to provide them with the skills and knowledge to produce their own playscripts and poetry at the end of a unit. Each time we explore a new genre we read examples (WAGOLLS) of a genre. We unpick the features associated with each text type and begin to learn individual skills. Children will also have the opportunity to sequence key events to help them remember the details of a story. This term we will be continuing with our learning around William Shakespeare by learning one of his famous pieces - A Midsummer Nights Dream. 


Maths - This term focuses heavily around the mathematical concepts of measurement and geometry. To kickstart our learning this term we will be learning all about time; exploring this in terms of days, months and years before beginning to tell the time to different intervals. By the end of our unit, we would like children to be familiar with digital and analogue clocks - telling the time to 1 minute. We will then progress onto exploring shape. We will extend on our knowledge of 2D and 3D shape properties by investigating angles, horizontal and vertical lines and even beginning to introduce parallel and perpendicular lines. 


Science - In Science this term we will be continuing part of our unit on Rocks by extending our knowledge on fossils and soils. We will then revisit our learning on Plants, considering the requirements that Plants need in order to grow and survive. We will be working scientifically to plan and conduct different investigations, for example exploring where a plant grows best and how water transports through a plant.


Geography - Our focus this term will be on fieldwork of the school grounds and local area. We will use maps to explore the environment around us. Children will learn how to use and read a compass and be confident in recalling the compass points. As part of our map work children will also explore different symbols and keys.


Design & Technology - Our unit focuses on dips around the world. To begin with, children will research what is meant by the term 'dips and condiments' and begin to explore where different dips originate from. Our unit will also see us taste testing many popular dips; houmous, salsa, tzatziki and guacamole using our 5 senses to describe each product. Children will then progress onto designing and making their very own houmous dips - taste testing and evaluating their own and peers products. 


RE - Our unit enables children to explore the question 'why do people pray?'. This unit allows children to consider their own individual response by considering their own codes for living and to unpick helpful, special people in their lives, This will help children to begin to explore who religious people deem to be helpful and special the characteristics of Christian, Islamic and Hindu Prayer. Children will have virtual opportunities to see inside each religions sacred place and understand the process of praying.


PSCHE & RSHE - Our learning in PSCHE & RSHE this term focuses on the strand of health and well-being and relationships by looking at how 'bullying matters.' Children will be exploring the term 'bullying' and exploring what this can look like both on and offline. Children will learn about how their actions can affect themselves as well as others and the support available to anyone who feels they are experiencing hurtful and bullying behaviour or anyone who witnesses behaviours of concern. This term we are also lucky enough to have 10 children from Years 3, 4 and 5 who will be participating in the Diana Award anti-bullying training. These children will help train our class on how to be anti-bullying!


MFL - In Spanish this term the children will be reviewing and applying their knowledge across the year to generate a postcard which showcases lots of things about them. Our lessons will review Spanish greetings, family members and pets, descriptions of themselves and others and finally likes and dislikes.


Music - In our music lessons the children will be listening to and appreciating the music around them by considering 'how music helps us connect to the planet.' In this unit the children will be listening, singing, improvising and composing music. The children also have an extra element to their music learning this term as we participate in world music day. The children in Elphinstone Class will familirise themselves music from Czech Republic (European) - Polka


PE - In our final term in PE we will be hoping to enjoy as much time outside as possible (weather dependent) as our final concepts lend themselves better to the outdoors and lots of space. This term we will be exploring the skills of cricket, rounders and football.