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Covid Home Learning - 22.11.21



Below are some resources to complete whilst you're home learning and if you are well enough. 


In literacy, read the story of 'The Three Little Pigs'. Discuss the beginning, middle and end of the story. Who are the characters are in the story? What is the setting? Then look at the look at the 'pictures to order' activity. Can you re-order them to show the beginning, middle and end? Then, retell a part of the story and write your sentences. Think carefully about each sound you can hear in the word and have a go forming the letters. Use the sound mat below to help you find and form the letters. 

 If you aren't sure after lots of trying, ask your grown-up to help you form the letters and then you can copy it carefully. 


In maths we are looking at the concept of one more and one less. Children often find one less more difficult to understand there we have done three different levels depending on your child's understanding. 


Step one - this is very practical, You can use blocks or objects to place in the middle column. Then ask your child to add one more or find one less by removing one or taking one away. 


Step two - count the pigs in the middle of the grid. Ask the children to draw one more pig on the right hand side - and ask them how many now, and then cross off one pig for one less. 


Step three - the children have numicon up to 10. can they write the number for one more and one less than the given numicon number. 


In phonicswe are learning the Read Write Ink sounds - c, k, u, b, f, e, l, h, r and j. Please watch the video below to help you say the sounds. Then, use the letter formation rhymes on the picture below to help you form your letters. Can you think of any words beginning with these sounds? Can you write the word using your Fred fingers? 


We are also doing lots of Christmas performance rehearsal this week. Please keep practising your lines so you are super confident at them on your return. 


Please see below some extra links for learning games to practise our learning further. 


Please send your completed learning by taking photos or videos to your Dojo Portfolio. 


I look forward to seeing you soon. 


Many thanks, Miss Hutchinson.