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Chinese exchange

After a very positive 1st meeting there appears to be lots of interest in this exchange. We are therefore beginning the first exchange planning process.

Discussion points included: 


Accommodation:  all accommodation is in hotels. Children will share a room with their friends.                                        

Staffing:          School staff including a member of the senior team will  accompany the children.                                                                  


Cost:               The full payment goes to the children's trip. Although it is  expensive the opportunity for                           the children to gain this experience is unusual. Many families would not be planning a trip                        of this kind as a family. The school has approached several companies enquiring about                              sponsorship.                                                                    


All interested parents of our current year 4 and 5 children ( year 5 and 6 Spring 2020) need to express an interest on a form collected from the office if they haven't already done so.

The payment system will be set up before half term with the £200 deposit required by 30th March to ensure we have the correct numbers and so that we can start planning the finer details.

Further installments will be required in June and October with the final payment in January 2020. We will let you know the required amount due by each date in the next couple of weeks.

There was a good discussion around fundraising and already parents were coming forward with some great ideas. It was clear that this would be group specific and not interfere with the fundraising activities of the PTA which are for all our children. A possible Whatsapp group would coordinate this. When we have the deposits we will ask parents if they wish to be included in this communication group.

We are hoping this trip will be the first of many exchange visits -we are aspirational for your children and are delighted that we can start this venture together.

If any parents of current year 4 and 5 could not attend the meeting and would like more information please contact Mrs Houseman or Mr Davies and we will make an appointment to go through the details with you.

Itinerary and pricing document