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Caring For Hedgehogs

One of the reasons I chose Hedgehogs for the name of our class is that I have Hedgehogs frequently visiting my garden at home, once I saw that we had Hedgehogs I started to do some research on the best way to help look after them. 


There are so many old wives tales that surround Hedgehogs on what you can and can't feed them and how to best look after them. I found the website of a Hedgehog rescue centre called Hedgehog Cabin and the information below is taken from their website at



The best and cheapest food we can safely give to Hedgehogs is Kitten Food, the best ones are from Tesco (£0.75p) and Sainsburys (£1.25). The Hedgehog Cabin website has pictures of these. Many "Hedgehog food" brands exist but are unregulated and some actually contain ingredients that are harmful to hedgehogs.


Mealworms, sunflower seeds/hearts and nuts are all harmful to hedgehogs. Stick to the kitten food, it's the cheapest and best option for them!


More information on how to make a feeding station to follow, we'll make one of these for school!