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Welcome to Candytuft Class!

Year 3

Picture 1


Welcome to Candytuft! This is home to another brilliant Year 3 class. In 2019, we have our new teacher, Mrs McGowan to show us the ropes. We also receive super support from Mrs Sedgewick and Miss Austen during the week too. 


We hope you enjoy finding out all the wonderful things we learn and do in our class!


We have P.E. on Tuesday (indoor) and Friday (outdoor) so please make sure P.E kits are in school.







Our Topic this term is...

the Land of Hope and Glory.


 Please see Summer 1 Topic Web attachment below:


Each week one of the following activities will be set online: MyMaths, or TT Rock Stars. Each activity will be set for children to complete by the following week.


Please also remember to read to an adult 3 times each week and have your planner signed to be awarded a merit.


From Spring Term 2, spelling tests will be changing. Each week everyone will be given a list of 10 spellings, following a set rule, and these will be tested the following week (usually on the Friday).  You will also be able to log on to Spell Shed and practise spellings there too.



Summer term 2

Week 5 Homophones

Important dates.

Monday 7th January - Back to school

Friday 25th January - Spanish Day.    Olé!

Thursday 7th February - Candytuft Class assembly

Friday 15th February - Break up

Thursday 7th March - World Book Day (remember your costume)

Friday 15th March - Red Nose Day

Friday 15th March - Art Exhibition (open 3:15 to 5pm)

Friday 15th March - Donations for St Laurence Church

Tuesday 2nd April - Lower Junior Concerts (1:45pm and 6:00pm)

Wednesday 3rd April - Lower Junior Concert (1:45pm)

Wednesday 3rd April - Drop in parents session (3:20pm - 4:30pm)

                                    & Curriculum evening (4:30pm - 6:30pm) 

Monday 8th April - Robin Hood themed week

Friday 12th April - Break up for Easter

Monday 29th April - Back to school Summer term 1

Wednesday 1st May - School photographs

Thursday 2nd May - School closed for local election voting

Monday 6th May - Bank holiday

Monday 13th May - week of SATs for year 6 begins

Thursday 23rd May - School closed for European election poling

Friday 24th May - INSET day

Monday 3rd June - Back to school Summer term 2

Monday 10th June - Health Week 

Thursday 13th June - Forest Schools in the afternoon

Tuesday 18th June - Lower Junior auditions for Dovedale's Got Talent

Thursday 20th June - Forest Schools in the afternoon

Thursday 4th July - Dovedale's Got Talent contest

Friday 5th July - Sports day

Thursday 11th July - Forest Schools in the morning

Wednesday 17th July - Lower Junior trip to Warwick Castle

Thursday 18th July - Forest Schools in the morning

Achievements & celebrations

Each week a child from our class will be recognised for REACHing high through their work and behaviour around the school. 


I wonder who will be next in 2019?


With a positive attitude, respectful manner and willingness to try it could be anyone's.  So go on, show us what wonderful things you can do and what amazing people you are!


January 2019 Spring 1

WK 1   All Candytuft children - for adapting to changes so well.

WK 2   Alfie T - for brilliant attitude to learning.  

WK 3   Tamara - for commitment to our REACH values and role-model behaviour.


February 2019 Spring 1

WK 4   Amelia - for wholeheartedly embracing Spanish Day.

WK 5   George - for being a true gentleman and contributing continually in class.

WK 6   Alfie R - for amazing attitude to work and role-model behaviour around school.


February 2019 Spring 2

WK 1   Harry E - for superb attitude in class and demonstration of our respect values.


March 2019 Spring 2

WK 2   Sophie - for trying hard in all the REACH values and always showing consideration to others.

WK 3   Theo - for always challenging himself, showing enthusiasm and sharing his knowledge with the class.

WK 4   Freddie - for being a true gentleman, showing us all how to treat people respectfully, and writing amazing playscripts.


April 2019 Spring 2

WK 5   Harriet - for always trying hard and working to her best ability, as well as helping others in class with kindness.

WK 6   Katie - for super language choices in poetry and writing amazing rhyming couplets and Kennings.

WK 7   Connor - for fulfilling our REACH values and pushing himself to achieve.


April 2019 Summer 1

WK1   Aanya - for dedication, determination and team being a champion team player for Candytuft in all our online competitions.


WK2   Harry S - for being all-round-delightful and enthusiastically sharing knowledge in science and geography.


WK3   Isobel - for being a super friend, trying hard and bringing the sunshine into the classroom.


June 2019 Summer 2

WK1  Giulia - for amazing maths work


WK2 Harley & Elliott - Harley for brilliant progress in reading

                        - Elliott for super effort and being a friend

WK3 none (Careers Fayre)


WK4 Harriet - meticulous and thorough answers in assessments. Always working exceptionally hard to succeed. 


WK5 none (Sports Day)





Messages and updates


Summer Term 2


A final note for the year:


Land of Candytuft and Glory

(To the tune of "Land of ...")


Class of football and lost jumpers.

You know who you are!

Class of wonder and ideas.

You've amazed me so far.

Wider still and wider,

From the margin you note.

Now you've befriended the edge of the page,

A full line of wonder you've wrote!


Rocks, soils, building and Spanish,

Plants, the U.K. and more...

All packed into a year of,

Brilliance, wonder and awe!

Wider still and wider,

Your descriptive writing became.

Class of Candytuft children,

I am so pleased you came!


All the best for Year 4 and have a well deserved summer break!



Week 6 In Maths this week we have been learning about mass and how to measure accurately in grams and milligrams.  We've just about got our heads around those tricky scales and have applied our knowledge to a zoo scenario.  If a local zoo would like to recruit us to measure out the food for their animals then we will be ready!   


We have delved into the wonderful world of Roger Hargreaves and made our own adaptions to Mr Bump and the Knight. Maybe our children could read their old versions to you?  As well as expert authors, we have also benefited from our very own in-class Football coaches.  I think Candytuft will agree that they did an admirable job and have earned their coaching badges. What a talented team of children we have!


Week 5 We have been finding all about Boscastle and the immense event that took place in August 2004, and started to write imaginative stories about the day.  In Maths, we have been learning about shape properties and made our own out of net templates.  

We are immensely proud of our Dovedale's Got Talent representatives and applaud them for their super performances.  I'm sure our sporting super stars and participants will be just as amazing in Sports Day.


Week 4 In Maths we have been looking at 2D shapes and relating to their properties.  We have discovered that lines are more complicated than you think and can have different names, depending on how they are positioned.  We've continued our Land of Hope and Glory theme, and written our own lyrics to make more modern versions.  Some of them even rhyme!  Our Topic work has taken us to Boscastle and we've compared Long Eaton to this picturesque fishing port, whereas our science has taken us on the journey that rocks travel to become soil!


Week 3 

It has been a busy assessment week and the children have worked incredibly hard.  To recharge our batteries, we have started to practise for sports day.  Our skips, sprints and finishes are coming on nicely.



Week 2

What an amazing Health Week we have had.  The children have tried yoga, healthy foods, skipping, choreographing, team games, mindfulness, and even made smoothies by cycling!!!!! We've also started are turn of Forest Schools and been in the great outdoors.  This week has been great fun and hopefully, children have some new strategies to keep them fit, calm and happy.


Week 1

The class has been visited by our fictional Keeper of the Keys character and we have immersed ourselves in the atmosphere of his wild, remote forest.  We have also been finishing our work "on time" and have learned more about the rivers in the U.K. Next comes, circumnavigating the globe! We aim high... (smile).


Summer Term 1


Week 4

Our final week of this half term already!  Candytuft witnessed hair and hats of all manner of shapes, colours and varieties today to raise money for St Lawrences.  I huge thank you to Sasha for suggesting the great idea; a fun way to help our community, making a difference.


We have started to write formal persuasive letters this week to convince the queen to use our favourite songs at special events.  I believe, without doubt, that they should become excellent writers and convince Her Majesty to select a modern song to represent our glorious land.


Candytuft have also written facts about the striking white Cliffs of Dover and discovered how the castle and neighbouring port, played a significant role in the rescue missions of World War II. 


And finally... our Van Gogh masterpieces are drying and waiting for their chance to adorn our corridors.  Prepare to be amazed!


Week 3

Unusually, it was a full week this week.  However, Candytuft were undeterred by the vastness of days and soldiered on, finding out about different rock types.  They have even agreed to foster a rock pet on the basis that they find out what type of rock it is!


The class have looked at the tallest land masses in the United Kingdom too, following our Land of Glory topic.  They have even written postcards, imagining themselves taking in the view from the heights of Ben Nevis, which we virtually climbed together.


We have also started to recapture the views of Van Gogh's Starry Night landscape with different paint techniques and these are starting to look incredibly dramatic.


Always a colourful and exciting week.


Week 2

This week has heralded new beginnings, in terms of learning about Van Gogh's artistic techniques and the skills of over-arm bowling in cricket. The skies were on our side this week, just in time for us to make the most of outdoor P.E.


We have been learning the tricks used by Newspaper Reporters and created some super headlines for articles on Brexit.  We have interviewed our classroom "public" to get opinions to go in our reports.  I dare say, we may have some future reporters in our class with the mature sentences they have been recording.


Candytuft have also been practising their map reading skills to locate different air and seaports, and were keen to share which ones they have travelled from in their adventures. I wonder what motorway links we they will be travelling on, in our great land, over this weekend???


Week 1

I am so proud of the way the children have returned from their Easter break!  They simply smashed all the learning about fractions this week as if they'd never been away.


Our new topic "Land of Hope and Glory" was introduced to the class and we've started to clarify any misunderstandings about the countries that relate to the terms: Britain, Great Britain, and the United Kingdom. The children have also started to investigate what Brexit means in their English work, so that they can write some knowledgeable newspaper reports next week.  Keep posted for the up and coming articles from our newly fledged newshounds!


Spring Term 2


Week 7

What a marvellous week of Robin Hood fun!  Have a fabulous Easter break, you deserve it.


Week 6

Didn't the Lower Junior children do marvellously well in their performance of the Dragon Days play!  They sung beautifully and remembered all their lines (in the right places).  We can be justifiably proud of their achievement and take heart in how confident our children have become.


As a reward we had a special visitor on Thursday, Mrs Peng, who taught us how to write some Chinese words with authentic Chinese brushes.

We experimenting making the correct brush strokes, learnt how to count to ten, understand more about each symbol's origin, and calculated in Chinese writing!!!  Such a smart bunch, are we!


Week 5

Happy Mother's Day weekend!  This week we have been finding out about the Mayan language and the artistic glyphs that they wrote, as part of our topic work.  We have been watching our seedling growth with keen interest and seeing if will-power alone will make them grow, oh, as well as warmth, light, water and nutrients.  


The Dragon is nearing its launch Day and the children have been suited and booted in their amazing concert costumes.  A treat to look forward to next week.  We look forward to seeing you at the Lower Junior performance.  Prepare to be amazed!


Week 4

Candytuft have been experimenting to find out what plants need in order to grow well this week.  Over the next couple of weeks we will be observing our specimens to see which elements help in plant survival. Will it be the water wonders, warmth warriors, nutrient knights or light lovers that win the race to the top of the pots?


In topic, we have discovered the Rosetta stone and how it had an impact on our understanding of egyptian hieroglyphics.  We have also been introduced to fractions in maths so there should be no more arguments at the dinner table as to who has got the biggest half of the pizza!


Enjoy you weekends; you deserve a well earned recharge after another busy week.


 Week 3

What a Friday of fun! I didn't know we had so many talented comedians in the class! We also have many talented rhyming couplet writers and have shared a morning of reading our own versions of double, double, toil and trouble!


Please ask your children to tell you the time in words as we have been trying hard to read the minute hand past and to the hour.  Our time telling is coming on nicely and the extra practise would keep it "tick tock".


This is also advance warning that the next TTRockstars battle commences today.  So come on Candytuft... bring it home once more!!!!


Week 2

World Book Day was celebrated in Candytuft class with PJs and costumes ranging from Harry Potter to Gangster Granny.  The children did better at staying awake with slippers on than some of the teachers, we think.  We heard some wonderful stories in the afternoon.


Candytuft took part in another live BBC lesson and found out more about the art of writing. Then wrote some fantastic Kennings based on the writing style of the Anglo-Saxon story tellers. What a talented bunch of writers Candytuft class are!  


Week 1

Candytuft, the winners!  Candytuft, the winners!

Who can times tables?  WE CAN!

Who won the battle? WE DID!

Who is going to tell the world?  Mrs McG!!!!!!

Well done, everyone!  Very proud of all that contributed.


Well what a brilliant first week back!  The children had great success with their new spellings list and have come back from the holidays settled and enthusiastic about their languages topic.  We started to learn a little bit of Romanian in our register time too!


The class have shown superb patience as we sorted out seating during the first run through of the concert.  I must say, the singing is coming on wonderfully. We are getting a lot of the right words in a lot of the right places! On top of all that, we have been acting from playscripts and listening to different English language from the Shakespearean times, in our retold version of Macbeth.  Keep happy, keep safe.


Spring Term 1


Week 6

I can't believe we are at the end of this half term already! Time flies when you are having lots of fun with year 3s!  Even though it has been our last week before the break, we have been concentrating hard in our assessments and taking it all in our stride. 


We have been introduced to Spelling Shed and the new way spelling will be carried out throughout the school.  Remember, children can practise their spellings by logging onto the Spelling Shed and taking part in the games.


Our voices have been in fine tune as we have been learning some of the songs that will be in our Lower Junior concert (which will be taking place at the end of this term, in April). It has been like sitting amidst the voices of angels! Parents will be in for a treat in April, I am positive.


And finally,  TTRock Star Battle of the Bands returns during the holidays... Not to show any bias at all (COME ON CANDYTUUUUUFT)!


Week 5

What an amazing week!  I think you'll agree that Candytuft proved themselves to be superb performers in our class assembly.  They demonstrated so many skills and shared a lot of knowledge about Spain.  We can't be held responsible for any summer holidays booked as a consequence.  In all seriousness, your children made us very proud.   Thank you to all the parents who managed to make it to the assembly.


After we had recovered from our assembly, we didn't stop then!  This week we took part in a LIVE Radio 2 Lesson on the 500 word story challenge.  You probably noticed that the children have come home with different ideas for their initial stories.  These covered all sorts of different genres, from Romance to Scary stories. 


I do hope that many of our talented writers will take part in the competition and let their imaginations run wild. Go on Candytuft character creators, you can do it!!!


Week 4

Invites for the class assembly have gone out today.  We've been practising our class assembly like "loco" and believe we have a treat in-store for our parents, who hopefully, can come and join us on Thursday next week.  Candytuft have also braved the crisp, cold stuff outside and still came into the class beaming. 


We could probably tell you a thing or two about Earth's magnetic field and which way magnets like to face (North).  We've dabbled with the new Spell Shed and oh, did we tell you,  WE ROCK!!!!! The times table trophy came to our class with over 20,000 points being scored! 


Remember to dust off your Spanish costumes ready for the assembly on 7th February.  See you all soon.  ¡Hasta pronto!


Week 3

Viva españa!  Wow! Candytuft children smashed the salsa moves as well as ate some with their tortilla chips this Friday!  Great fun was had by all in our Spanish day and possibly, as a result, some of our parents might get some unusual culinary requests on the weekly shopping list!  (Chorizo and spanish omelette were particular favourites.)   Thank you to our parents, who supported the day.   The class was a riot of colour and the children looked amazing in their outfits.

We hope to wear them again for the assembly on 7th February so please don't put them away, just yet!  See you all soon.  ¡Hasta pronto!


Week 2

The assembly script is out there!  Candytuft children have had a sneak preview of the class assembly, and were in high spirits at the challenge ahead.  We hope our parents and peers will enjoy the thrills and spills we have in store on the 7th February.  Oh, and we have also gone castanets (more to be revealed later)!

Letters were given out (on Tuesday) for the lower junior Spanish Day which is taking place next Friday, 25th January.  We hope to see you on the 25th January, in all your amazing Spanish inspired attire. Olé!


Week 1

We came back and conquered!  We overcame the first-week-back nerves and tackled comparing different multipliation diagrams in Maths.  We have started to work out marketeers' tricks of persuading in English, made cube shooters in Science to test push and pull forces, and learnt exactly where Spain is in Topic, using geographical terms like hemisphere and Iberian peninsula. Hopefully, we will remember the other countries that surround Spain and what waters surround it.  


Fresh Starts

Happy new year Candytuft class!  We have lots of exciting things to learn and do in 2019, starting with a "tour" of Spain and feeling the "force".