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Welcome to Canada Class!

Year 3



The 6 Week Holiday Challenge is ready to download

We recognise that your child has worked extremely hard on their home learning and we want to give you the tools to enable your child to engage with their learning as much as possible leading up to the new school year. 


In this booklet you will find a set of short tasks for your child to complete independently.


These tasks are completely optional as we understand it is the holidays.  However, we also recognise that some parents will appreciate some activities to give their children a focus over the 6 weeks holiday period.


The challenge booklets should be returned to school when your child starts back in September so their efforts can be acknowledged and rewarded.


Welcome to Canada! This is home to another brilliant Year 3 class. In 2019, we have our new teacher, Mrs McGowan to show us the ropes. We also receive super support from Mrs Sedgewick  during the week too. 


We hope you enjoy finding out all the wonderful things we learn and do in our class!


We have P.E. on Monday (indoor) and Wednesday (outdoor) so please make sure P.E kits are in school ready for these lessons.







Our Topic in Summer term 2 is about the       Land of Hope and Glory.






Each week one of the following activities will be set online: MyMaths, or TT Rock Stars. Each activity will be ready for children to complete by the following week.


For those grammar terms that are less familiar to parents and children alike, there is a bbc bitesize link which is helpful and a guide to help you support your child's learning.  (Thank you for this suggestion.)



Please also remember to read to an adult 3 times each week and have your planner signed to be awarded a merit.


A list of 10 spellings will be given, which following a particular spelling rule, and these will be tested during the following week (usually on the Friday).  You will also be able to log on to Spell Shed and practise spellings there too.

Summer term 2


Week 1 Spelling rules from Y3 List 31

Week 2 Spelling rules from Y3 List 32

Week 3 Spelling rules from Y3 List 33

Week 4 Spelling rules from Y3 List 34

Week 5 Spelling rules from Y3 List 35

Week 6 Spelling rules from Y3 List 36

Week 7 Suffix - ally List 22



      Important dates.



Autumn 1

Tuesday 3rd September - INSET day 

Wednesday 4th September - INSET day

Thursday 5th September - children back to school 

Friday 27th September - Stand Up for Derbyshire fitness day

Wednesday 9th October - Drop in Parent's Evening

Wednesday 23rd October (4pm start) - Y3 Diwalli performance

Thursday 24th October - Last day of Autumn 1 term

Thursday 24th October - PTA spooky disco

Friday 25th October - Inset Day


Autumn 2

Monday 4th November - children back to school 

Monday 9th December - Lower Junior Christmas Bazaar

Wednesday 11th December - Parent's Evening

Friday 13th December - Panto and Christmas Jumper Day

Friday 20th December - last day of Autumn 2 




Spring 1

Monday 6th January - children back to school 

Friday 14th February - last day of Spring 1


Spring 2

Monday 24th February - INSET day 

Tuesday 25th February - children back to school

Thursday 5th March - World Book Day dress in PJs or fav. character

Thursday 12th March - Science Day non-uniform Diverse Planet theme

Tuesday 31st March - concert performance now cancelled

Wednesday 1st April - concert performance now cancelled

Wednesday 1st April - concert performance now cancelled

Friday 3rd April - last day of Spring 2


Summer 1

Monday 20th April - continue home learning

Thursday 30th April - Canada Class Assembly now cancelled

Monday 4th May - VE 75 celebration week

Thursday 21st May - last day of Summer 1

Friday 15th May - International Families day

Friday 22nd May - INSET day 


Summer 2

Monday 1st June - continue home learning

Monday 8th June - healthy eating week

Sunday 21st June - Father's day

Wednesday 1st July - Canada Day

Tuesday 21st July - last day of school year


Achievements & celebrations

Each week, a child from our class will be recognised for REACHing high through their work and behaviour around the school. 


I wonder who will be next in 2019?


With a positive attitude, respectful manner and willingness to try it could be anyone's.  So go on, show us what wonderful things you can do and what amazing people you are!


September 2019 Autumn 1

WK 1  

WK 2    

WK 3  

WK 4  

October 2019   Autumn 1

WK 5  

WK 6  

WK 7  

WK 8  

November 2019 Autumn 2

WK 1  

WK 2  

WK 3  

WK 4  

December 2019 Autumn 2

WK 5  

WK 6  

WK 7  

January 2020 Spring 1

WK 1  

WK 2  

WK 3  

WK 4  

February 2020 Spring 1

WK 5  

WK 6  

February 2020 Spring 2

WK 1   N/A

March 2020 Spring 2

WK 2   N/A

WK 3   N/A

WK 4   N/A

WK 5   N/A

April 2020 Spring 2

WK 6   N/A

April 2020 Summer 1

WK 1   N/A

WK 2   N/A

May 2020 Summer 1

WK 3  

WK 4  

WK 5  

June 2020 Summer 2

WK 1  

WK 2  

WK 3  

WK 4  

July 2020 Summer 2

WK 5 

WK 6  

WK 7  

  Messages and updates


Spring 2


Week1 Spring 2

Drum roll... We've only started rehearsing for the Lower Junior CONCERT!!!!! Our Year 3 singers sound like they have the voices of angels and are picking up the lyrics admirably. 


As well as the concert, there are lots of things to look forward to in Spring 2; World Book Day AND Science Day (where we can dress up in the suitable themes).  I personally, can't wait!!!


Our Topic is all about the English Language and we'll find out how far back some the words we use today stem from and which peoples created them! "Cake", we will find out, is a word that has been around longer than you think - I wonder if Mary Berry knows?


In Science, we are all about Plants and on the subject of food, we'll learn how they make theirs! We have a couple of experts who might know something about this little miracle of nature.  We've been finding out which parts of the plant make it stay put, not fall over, transport water, AND create new seeds.


Not only that, we're also about to get technical and learn coding skills.  Watch out for our budding programmers! Put it simply, its going to be an amazing, fun-packed, "don't stand still" term.  Bring it on Spring!!!!!


Spring 2


Week 1  Spring 1          To be updated


Spring 1


Week 7  Autumn 2

What a busy pyramid and poetry week!  

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.


Week 6  Autumn 2

We have learnt all about Christmas in Spain and can even wish you a happy one in Spanish!             ¡Feliz Navidad!


Week 5  Autumn 2

What a busy week! We've concentrated hard in our Autumn assessments and learnt more about how our muscles work, using an extremely tricky, elastic band model.  Maybe the children can show you what contract and relax mean!  The classroom has been a focused haven for Christmas craft making ready for the Lower Junior Bazaar on Monday.  Hope to see you there!


Week 4  Autumn 2

Canada class has started to learn how to accompany some R&B music with glockenspiels.  What a harmonious group, we are!  Sweet, sweet music.  In Science, we have been learning about vertebrates and invertebrates.  Who knew a frog and snake had spines!  


Our multiplication skills are coming on a treat and we've been practising our 8's, 3's and 4's like crazy, mad TTRockers that we are.  Keep on rocking!


Week 3  Autumn 2

We've been learning about how marvellous our blood is in transporting oxygen around our bodies, which has been useful in helping us be active in our hockey skills lessons.  We have been finding out about the Robin Hood legend and increasing our sentence choices to tell a new version of his story.   In maths we have been practising our 3s and 4s.  So we have our fingers crossed for a super TTRockStars battle this week.  Go Canada!!


Week 2  Autumn 2


We have had a special visitor this week all the way from Canada!  Thanks to Auntie Sharon for coming over to share first hand facts about Canada (who knew skunks smelt like tyres?) and for all the yummy treats bought in (double yum!). The maple syrup biscuits were very popular!

Needless to say, the class loved hearing about Canada and could hardly contain themselves due to all their positive enthusiasm!


Congratulations go out to our new Anti-bullying mentors, Olivia and Connor, who were voted for by the class for their willingness to help and look out for people who need help at playtime, and for being good listeners.  All week we have been thinking about "Change" starting with "US" and how our actions can help to keep our school and happy and safe place.  Here are some of the children's ideas:


"Stand up to bullying"

"Help people when they're upset"

"We can be kind and caring"

"Play with more friends"

"Give compliments"

"If someone looks sad, cheer them up"

"Ask if others are OK"

"Be nice and nicer"

"Tell people how you feel"

"Get help when you need it"


Canada are a great class and can be seen actively looking out for each other and making sure we are all OK.  What a group of absolute gems!


Week 1  Autumn 2

Well done to all the children for coming back after the break ready to get stuck into our new learning! We have looked at how to check our maths using inverse operations and have continued to practise column addition and subtraction.  In English, we have been looking at the biographies of Alain Robert and Philippe Petit (two incredible stunts-persons that have become infamous for their connection with buildings).  Science is also looking at how amazing our bodies are and what fuel we need to keep us in tip-top condition.  Finally, in our Topic work we have time travelled to 1066 and have been finding out who built England's first castles.


I am always amazed at how well our children behave and respectful they are, and they proved this again this afternoon in the Remembrance Service where they explained who helped in the Wars.  Very proud!


Autumn 2


Week 8  Autumn 1

Our budding artists have their rangoli patterns and lanterns exhibited for all to see in the Long Eaton rEvive centre.  They make a colourful, eye-catching display which is well worth a visit.  We hope you enjoy!


Also, in support of the Erewash Festival of Light programme, the year 3 classes performed their Indian Diwali dances for their parents.  We are so impressed with the "can do it" attitude they held, especially when initially they were experiencing pre-performance nerves.  It is safe to say that they "smashed it" and looked as if they enjoyed it, every bit as much as their audience.  Well done dancing Year 3s!


The moves of the Year 3s were not the only things to shine this week.  We have also been learning about the sun and how best to protect ourselves from its harmful UV rays, which brings us to the close of our light and shadow topic in Science.  I'm sure (WHEN we see the sun again in spring!) that our children will appreciate the need for sunscreen, hats and glasses in those coming months.


To complete the local element of our Buildings topic we looked at how Long Eaton was described in the Doomsday book (which was completed in 1086 by order of King William the Conqueror).  It is amazing that from beginning as a small agricultural village of some 32 households that Long Eaton and neighbouring Sawley grew to a population of 20,000 in the early 1900's.  This was due to the introduction of railway (1839) and canal links (1779) needed to boost the lace making industry. You can now see many fine commercial buildings that still exist from the Victorian and Edwardian period gracing Long Eaton's high streets.  One of the oldest buildings that still exists dates back to Saxon times!  This is part of the St Laurence's Church which is a Grade II listed building and quite understandably so.  Our buildings are quite literally living history before our very eyes...



Week 7  Autumn 1

Wait for it...! We have written in PEN this week to complete a narrative based on a moody, night scene picture which was full of intrigue! The stories reflect this and we are expecting lots of great feedback.  We have been practising how to set our additions into columns so we can tackle larger numbers with ease.  All we had to remember was carrying over the ten to the next column, but it is coming on nicely.


We can't say adios to the week without mentioning Diwali celebrations.  As part of the Artsmark scheme, Dovedale is championing, we are taking part in a Diwali performance evening on 23rd October and have learnt lots of traditional hindu movements to more modern Indian songs.  Our fingers have been busy making lanterns and rangoli patterns in honour of the Hindu god Lakshmi, who we hope will give us good fortune on our performance night and wow all of the parents! Prepare to be amazed...


Week 6  Autumn 1

It was lovely to see some of the parents this Wednesday and to share with you your children's marvellous work.  Your feedback was gratefully received and very useful.  I'm sure you'll agree that your children are doing brilliantly and are well and truly turning into little Juniors.


This week we have investigated architects such as Sir Christopher Wren and Zaha Hadid, as well as creating artwork inspired by Antoni Gaudi's mosaic buildings.  We have also found out what happened to last week's Roman Villas when the Romans left Britain's to fend for themselves.  Unfortunately, much architecture was left to rack and ruin and were deserted as the oncoming Saxons liked their own dwelling styles and countryside life.  Horses for courses, I guess!


In Science, we have been looking that making and changing shadows so again, if you have a torch handy then the children might just be able to demonstrate what happens to shadows when the light source is high up, low down, close or far away.  Enjoy yourselves and throw some shadow shapes. Our night fever (shadow and light source spotting) moves were very impressive, If I do say so myself.  You know how to do it....oo, oo.


Week 5  Autumn 1

What a week!  On Monday we had an amazing Lower Junior day; getting to mingle with our fellow pupils in the other Year 3 and 4 classes and played lots of games together.  It is lovely to get to know other children in the school and realise that we are one big, happy Dovedale family! 


We've been busy selling Roman Villas and promoting their underfloor heating! On top of this we have been learning about how light can go round corners with the useful aid of a reflective surface and angling the light source's light rays.  If you have torches and mirrors at home, maybe you could make up some reflection experiments?


In English we have been looking at developing descriptions to grip our readers with hooks (interesting story starters) and bring our characters to life.  We've been rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100 to help us with future estimating skills.


We are half way there guys!  Well done for a brilliant start!! 


Week 4 Autumn 1

We have been learning how to become expert readers this week and all about the skills of inferring, predicting, summarising, finding out facts, and a whole lot more.  Put simply, reading is so much more than sounding out the words on the page.  To really understand a text, a reader has to think about the vocabulary used and clues in the text which tell you how the character is feeling and what they are likely to do next. Maybe you could see what skills your children have picked up this week when they read to you at home? 


In Maths, we have been testing our place value knowledge and seeing what happens when you add one more to nine in any place value column.  This is trickier than it sounds but the kids tackled this really well.


Our Buildings Topic has led us to the Celtic Roundhouses and the era of iron.  The class has made their own Celtic Village of miniature roundhouses and could, no doubt, tell you how Celts would have made the real thing!  Although, these houses didn't have windows and a lot of natural light, we have investigated in science, how our modern light can affect the shadows size and position during different investigations. I'm sure they would love to show you if you have a spare torch at home.

We've also found out that the darkness of a shadow can be affected by the translucency of an object (or whether it is opaque or transparent).


Finally, we have had a more active day in celebration of Stand Up for Derbyshire.  Here are our fitness song lyrics:


Canada class fitness song

(to music, I like to move it)


I like to be active

I like to do kick box

I like to play dodgeball

I take part in park run!


I like to play cricket

I like to bat the ball

I like the spin bowling

I get a home run!


I like to lift the weights

I eat vitamins

I like to be fitter

That is more fun!


I play ice hockey

I like to bat ping pongs

I like to exercise

Join in this song!


I like to play football

I like ice hocky

I like to swing golf clubs

I stretch in yoga!


We hope you like our class fitness song.


Week 3 Autumn 1

This week we worked out that different light sources can be natural or man-made.  Can you name some?  We've written amazing diaries as if we were a lighthouse keeper and we've decided who will represent us on the school council.  


Well done to Corlen and Isabelle H for being chosen to represent our views.  We know you'll be fantastic.


Week 2 Autumn 1

Our first full week is complete! The class have been introduced to the houses of the Stone Age period.  Maybe you could ask them what these (not 1, not 2, not even 3) 4 different houses looked like in the Stone Age development? In Maths, we have been looking at different ways to represent a number.  How many can you think of?  Roman numerals, tallies... the list might be endless!  We have also started to look at diaries of events that have happened, with a particular focus on a Lighthouse Keeper's recount.  Why not start a diary at home, of the exciting events in your day?  Have a super weekend!


Week 1 Autumn 1

Watch this space ...

Coming soon: Table names, Our Canada Homework discoveries


Autumn 1


Fresh Starts

Welcome Canada class!  Your Junior adventure starts here and we can't wait to learn lots of interesting facts and develop super skills together this year.  We have plenty of exciting things to learn and do in 2019, starting with some brilliant "Buildings" and seeing the "Light" in science. Tune in next week to see how we get on...