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Autumn Term 2 - weekly updates

Friday 11th November 2019

Great first week back. The children have settled back into the school rules and routines well and have tried hard with all aspects of their work this week.


In English we started looking at poetry and how poets use descriptive techniques to build an image in a readers imagination/mind. We used adjectives and even explored what it onomatopoeia means. In Maths we used concrete resources to subtract and then progressed onto using pictorial representations.

We have had a slightly different week in terms of afternoon lessons to  celebrate Remembrance. Our class learned the song 'We'll meet again' by Vera Lynn and even added some sign language. We even joined with Miss Hardakers class to rehearse singing the song with them. This afternoon we were very lucky to perform our song to lots of grandparents, mums/dad in the armed forces and even Bart from the British Legion in Long Eaton. A wonderful ceremony of celebrations for all who took fought and died in the war.


Have a lovely weekend!


Monday 4th November 2019

Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely break. The children have settled in well this morning and have took all of the new challenges in their stride.


We are aware we didn't send PE kits home over half term because they had so much to carry with their book bags and spooky disco costumes. A few parents have requested for these to come home this week so we will ensure all children bring them home over the weekend so they can be cleaned for the rest of this term.

The new spelling words are up on spelling shed for your child to practise. Lets keep up winning streak against Miss Hardaker's class by beating her them in every weekly challenge again! We are also aiming for the top of the school league table like our success in Autumn Term 1!


As we have been reading with the children today we have noticed that some of you are writing lots of words in the key words box that they have struggled with. If you would like to do so, please can you write these in the daily comments section for your reference as it is becoming quite difficult for adults in school to monitor and check them against schools list of tricky/high frequency words.

I am aware that I didn't inform you that we won the attendance prize in Autumn Term 1 for the infant class who had the best overall attendance - wahoo!! Keep your eyes peeled as the children will be voting for the prize they would like to celebrate. Previously the winners have chose from parties to chip shop/pizza lunches. I am excited to find out what Spain class would like!