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Autumn Term 1

Week 1 - Welcome to Juniors!


Just two days, this week, and our new Year 3s are looking like Juniors.  Well done for settling in and trying your best.


Week 2 - Starting the Year 3 Curriculum


This has been the introduction week to many of the new subjects we will be learning,  so we are sharing what we know already and will be building on from there.  This includes: Forces and Magnets, Timelines, Recounts, Numbers upto 1000, Hockey (from team GB coaches), floor gymnastics, Exploring Emotions, Country Music, Spanish greetings and staying safe online. 


"Scale" nominations have started to come in to show case the special strengths our children are demonstrating and the Scale wall be updated shortly to celebrate these.  Keep them coming in!


Week 3 - A Recount


In Cressida Cowell class, the children have been as busy as ever, learning new things this week.  We can't quite believe is it only week three as we seem like one big family and have settled into routines so well.


The third week started with Spanish Holas and a miniature Lightning McQueen whizzing down the ramp in an entertaining demonstration of surface friction.  The class also practised writing numbers in words so that they will be ready to check those cheques in the future.


After our Science shenanigans, we exerted ourselves by running laps around the playground to test our physical fitness. Pant, pant! Luckily, we were able to calm our heart rates down when judging how reliable online sources of information could be with the SMART crew in ICT.


Towards the end our week, we've started to think about what life as a Christian would be like, learnt the lyrics to a Country song and have guessed what different objects were used for from the past.  Hopefully, we will get answers to this mystery next week!









Week 4 - Post Carnival and comparisons


Some of you celebrated the Long Eaton carnival and enjoyed the sunshine at the weekend.  Hope that you saw the school's rainbow, celebrating all the keyworkers working tirelessly throughout the pandemic.


In school, our numbers have been down but we have been determined (no matter where we are) to keep on top of our learning.  This week we've been perfecting our recounts by taking inspiration from other examples of opening and closing paragraphs.  I must say, the recounts sound really mature and alot more descriptive than our initial ones! Well done!


Our maths work has involved estimating where numbers would go on a numberline that stretch to 1000 and comparing two different 3-digit numbers.  On the subject of comparing, in Science, we have been comparing the magnetic forces to other contact forces.


We have been revisiting our understanding of Christian religious symbols and beliefs, also comparing a Christian household to a non-Christian household.  In Art, we've been experimenting with different mark making effects and using different media to compare which is most similar to the techniques used by Vincent Van Gogh.


Looking forward to what we'll discover next week.

Week 5 - Autumn colours and Harvest Festival donations


Thank you for supporting the Harvest Festival and donating food to those in need.  The children looked marvellous in their foody attire and autumnal hues.  Along with the colour theme, this week we have started to practise some of the paint effects that Van Gogh used by applying streaks of bright, bold colours to a starry night.  


In contrast to this,  we have investigated who ruled during the Victorian times and found out more about why Queen Victoria wore black for much of her reign.  We have also found out that she was the first monarch to have her photograph taken and to ride on a train.  She was acclaimed for being the longest reigning monarch (up until Queen Elizabeth II) and for being the head of the largest empire that the World had ever seen.


Did you know that Queen Victoria wrote around 2000 words a day in her journal and that she did this every day from when she was a teenager?  Now, that's a lot of words!


WK6 - Mellow Yellow for Mental Health


Our week ended in a ray of yellow as all children dressed in a splash of yellow.  We thought of what things this colour reminded us of and just thinking of them brought a smile to our faces.  We agreed that we experience many emotions and that this is normal.  It was good to realise that being "not OK" sometimes is OK too.  The class have many strategies to help feel better when they are not OK, such as talking to friends and family about their worries and doing enjoyable or calm activities to lift their spirits.


We have finished our author inspired stories and tried to jam-pack them with description to make them come to life for our readers.  We hope to share them with our partner class to entertain them with our writing skills.