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Autumn News

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13/11/20 Well I wasn't looking forward to doing a 'Parent's Evening' on Friday the 13th but you guys have been brilliant. Only one technical glitch which I'll take as a win. Thank you all for your time and valuable contributions. It's great to hear how your perspective on things.

2/11/20 Welcome back to class folks. It's lovely to see most of you back fit and well. Those of you that are self isolating, it wont be long now. 

21/10/20 Please see Class Dojo for where to find the off site learning, login and password.

Shortly there will be a letter to read to explain the next steps.

14/10/20 Our assemblies are themed around Black History Month and we have had lots of really interesting conversations related to this. Please make some time to ask your child about it and have them explain to you their understanding of the inequalities that have existed. If you write in their diary to say you have had this conversation I will reward them an extra merit.

8/10/20 Today we took part in our fitness testing. The children were asked to continuously run for 4 minutes. I've challenged the children to have a go at doing this in their own time and setting themselves goals to try and beat how far they get each time they do it. One child asked me if they could run virtually on their PS4!!!!!! (What is the world coming to?)

2/10/20 Hi folks, I've been though the children's diaries and given 5 bonus merits to the children that are keeping them they way they have been asked to. A little reminder of what those expectations are:

1. We read independently at least twice in a day so the children are asked to log these reads in the correct day.

2. Three reads to an adult results in a merit.

3. Homework written in the diary on a Friday results in a merit.

4. An adult signing the diary each week results in a merit.

The children are responsible for these (as they will be at secondary school) but please help them to be successful by nudging them to do their homework, reading etc. Please, please, please make time to listen to them read and spend time interacting with them with a book. This is crucial to successfully plugging the lock down gaps.

25/9/20 Everyone has settled back into school life brilliantly and are learning the new routines. I have to say... I am incredibly impressed with how most are stepping up into those big. responsible Y6 shoes.


19/8/20 Welcome to Year Six! Your last year at primary school and hopefully your best.