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For your homework this week we would like you to make a poster about ANY ASPECT of what have learned during you study of the Ancient Greeks.

You can present work about the myths and legends, democracy, an important historical event, the war of Troy or Alexander the Great. You can even choose a topic I have not mentioned.

Wow us with exciting presentation, fascinating facts and  Year Six level detail.

We look forward to seeing what you produce !

04.12.20 - My Maths - Lowest Common Multiple

27.11.2020 - 4.12.2020

Please draw an anti-bullying poster in your homework book.

This can be a poster to warn bullies of the consequences of their actions, or a poster to help people who are being bullied.

Remember, posters should be colourful and eye-catching. They should included a slogan, and should offer advice. Use a mixture of writing and illustration.

Reflect on what we have learned during our anti-bullying activities.

20.11.20 - 27.11.20


Your Child will bring a word search and a crossword home with them. These will be stuck in their books ( unless books were not given in). Please also complete the SPAG.COM task Subject Verb Agreement.


13-11-20 - 4x2 digit multiplication task, please complete at least 10 questions. See the document section for the document


16-10-20 Black History Month. Research one of the people we have been talking about during or BHM assemblies. This research will build part of a piece of work in class next week so this is a piece of weekend homework. 

Nicola Adams (boxer), Mo Farah (athlete), Martin Luther King, (civil rights leader), Nelson Mandela (political activist), Maya Angelou (writer), Muhammad Ali (boxer), Idris Elba (actor), Diane Abbot (MP), Rosa Parks (civil rights activist), Bob Marley (musician). Present it in fact form to be used  in class easier. 

9-10-20 SPAG.COM Synonyms and Antonyms


2-10-20 Your child will come home with a flency, reasonoing and problem solving sheet related to rounding. Fingers crossed they all make it home as there are no spares!  


25-9-20 - RRR Pledge

See document below for details, as well as your usual reading, Spelling shed and TT Rock Stars.

18-9-20  18th Sept - Crossword Activity

Challenge Activity -Read 50 pages over the weekend. If you manage it get your parents  to say that you have achieved this by writing in your diary and merits will be awarded!


11-9-20 Your homework for this week is to complete the Mymaths - Place Value - task, do your spellings wordsearch and read your reading book. Challenge yourself to read 50 pages over the weekend. If you manage it get your parents  to say that you have achieved this by writing in your diary.

*Parents: please sign your child's diary weekly to say that they have completed these tasks. This is a necessity for secondary school so we may as well get into the habit now.*


4-9-20  This week's homework is to decorate or cover your homework book. You may do it any way you wish but please make sure it has your name and class nice and clear on the front cover. Please share with your parents anything that I have given out today, so that we can connect everyone on Dojo and we all have the same messages.