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What a term! The children have worked so hard right up to the last minute and are definitely ready for a break! Thank you for all your support this term – it has certainly been an odd one!

Next term our PE days will be Tuesday and Friday, the children can now come to school on these days dressed in their PE kits (school PE kits not tracksuits etc.) and so do not need to bring PE kits into school.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas, whatever this might look like, and a Happy New Year. 



Another two weeks have flown by. The children have been working really hard with everything thrown their way. If you haven't already, make sure you watch our class assembly - the children told me what they wanted included and I helped them make it happen, they did so well! Thank you for all of those people who have sent kind message about our assembly. We also received two emails from other class teachers to say how much they enjoyed the assembly! We have been given a date for our Christmas party (Tuesday 15th December, pm), I will send you details closer to the time about change of clothes etc. Have a lovely weekend - I am putting my tree up this weekend! blush




Two weeks of Autumn 2 have gone really quickly. The children seem to have enjoyed getting back to a full curriculum and have enjoyed learning about the Normans, learning days of the week in Spanish and getting messy in science! Thank you for all who made an appointment for parents meeting phone calls - it was great to chat with you all. Next week is our class assembly, keep an eye out on the webpage for it to appear! Have a lovely weekend.




We made it to half term! It has been such a busy half term and the children have worked so hard. We have done our assessments this week and I have been impressed with the progress made. Next half term we will be going back to a full curriculum. Our PE days will stay the same so please make sure the children have their kits on the first Monday back. With a small number of bubbles within school having to be closed this half term it is more important than ever that we are keeping ourselves safe. We will continue to keep the windows open to ensure fresh air is flowing through the classroom so I would recommend extra layers as the weather gets colder! I hope you all have a lovely half term whatever you end up doing! 





Happy Friday! We are well under way with this half term and the children have been working really hard. This week we have been learning about expanded multiplication and the children have done so well! In English we have been working on our descriptive writing, the children have great imaginations. Next week we will be working on our story writing - I look forward to reading them.


This week the children should have brought home a red book, this is just in case our bubble has to close (we have no plans for this to happen, this is just in case). If your child is off because a family member is waiting for a test and your child is well, please send me a dojo so that I can send some work home. In the current situation there is potential for the children to miss out on lots of work if they're awaiting a test for them or a family member so it is important to try and continue work at home where possible (I know this is not always an option). 


Thank you for your continued support in this difficult time, I know it is more difficult now to communicate as we cannot meet face to face but please feel free to send a dojo or email if you need to discuss anything. 




Another two weeks done! The children have been working hard and getting back into the swing of things. We have been doing extra maths, handwriting, spelling and reading comprehension in the afternoons too. The hand sanitizer has been working well, cutting the hand washing time down and meaning more learning time. The children are starting to get into the routines of Year 4 and having an understanding of the expectations.


Just a reminder that children must only have water in their water bottles that sit on their tables. We have already had 4 accidents in the past two weeks where it has been juice that has been spilt and has now stained the carpet and left a very odd smell in the classroom – my biggest worry is that if these bottles with juice in spill on books, that will be irreversible damage to their books and all of their hard work will be lost. If there is an issue with your child having water in their bottles for any reason please send me a dojo so we can try and resolve this and avoid further damage to our classroom environment.


Spelling scores were great in general last week and good again this week – the children must have worked hard on these. I notice that there were only around 50% of the class that completed their mymaths homework. If technology is a barrier to the children completing their homework please let me know and I can offer printed copies of the homework. The homework supports the learning done in school and allows you at home to see what we have been learning and help your child with this however I appreciate how precious your time is and so the homework is also pitched at a level to enable your child to complete it on their own.


Finally, the children should have brought home small report based on the assessments completed at the start of Year 4. Please take some time to read the explanation that we have put together to explain why you may or may not have certain subject targets on the report – that will hopefully answer any questions but dojo me with any that still remain unanswered.


Have a lovely weekend!




Well we made it through the first week! I could see some extremely tired children and staff by Friday afternoon! I have really enjoyed getting to know the class this week and look forward to getting to know them more in the weeks to come. This week has been a tough one with assessments and getting back into the swing of things. We have now completed our assessments and will be starting lessons as normal next week. You will receive a short summary of the assessments in a couple of weeks time to give you an idea of how to help your child. Next week we will be using hand sanitizer on some occasions during the day, if you do not want your child to use hand sanitizer, please contact the office asap. 

 Homework this week is a TT rockstars battle, spellings and reading at home.


Have a lovely weekend.