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This week in Art we are going to focus on the skill of drawing. We will be exploring new vocabulary such as line, shade, and tone.


Teaching & Learning:

Use the sketching PowerPoint to look at and discuss the series of sketches on the slides. Use these sketches to discuss the following points:

  • Why do you think Van Gogh sketched things so many times?
  • Are all the sketches/drawings perfect?
  • Do you think sketches were for display or practice? Why?
  • Did persevering develop his skills and techniques?

Explain that Van Gogh often drew the same things different times. Sometimes from the same angle, sometimes from a different perspective, sometimes to experiment with different lines and different tones. Look at the following in depth:

  • Lines – are they all the same? How does he create this?
  • Shading – are the marks he makes hard or soft? How does he make areas darker?


Engage with the drawing techniques PPT to explore sketching in depth or model yourself to the class.

First introduce different grades of pencils. Explore how to make marks with the pencil to show its tone by using the side/angle of the lead. Model using different pencils and then comparing – do they make hard or soft marks? Explain that pencil grades can be represent on diagrams to show which are soft/hard to help remember in the future

Next look at different drawing techniques – using line, shape, proportion and then explore shading techniques.


Your task:

1 star - Using a pencil explore the different lines you can make. Can you make hard/bold lines? Can you make soft/faint lines? Explain how you were able to achieve this. Recreate the lines on the word mat and comparing which looks most effective - hard or soft lines.

2 star - Use the 2 star activity sheet to duplicate drawings. Try to magpie the lines used as well as the tone/depth of the pencil.

3 star - Use the 3 star activity sheet to practice drawing texture. Focus on the use of line, tone and shade to recreate snippets of the images. Once confident, select a familiar picture of someone in your family and try to draw this photo focusing on tone.