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This week in our Art lessons we will be continuing our learning around the famous artist, Vincent Van Gogh.



Teaching and Learning:

Look at 'The Starry Night' as a coloured painting, alongside a black and white version. Discuss what you notice. How does colour impact upon a picture or painting?


Recap learning from lesson 1 and discuss how Vincent Van Gogh's movement in art is linked to post-impression. Use History: Post-impressionism Art for Kids ( website to explore when the movement started and what characteristics it brought to art. 


Use the PowerPoint to explore how Van Gogh started to use colours in his pictures.



Your task:

1 star - Experiment with mixing colours. What colours can you make?

2 star - Use colour mixing knowledge to create 'The Starry Night.'

3 star -  Use the scaffold sheet to create a Starry Night image which represents both his drawings/paintings. Can you use half the template to recreate colour and the other half to recreate darkness?