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This week in our Art lessons we will be continuing our learning around the famous artist, Vincent Van Gogh.



Teaching and Learning:

Recap the artwork created by Vincent Van Gogh and look at the similarities and differences between them. What do you notice is the same and different? When comparing it might be useful to focus on the use of colour, line or emotion in each of his pictures.

Work through the PowerPoint to explore how lines are used in his pictures to create movement. Sometimes the lines are straight, curved, dashed other times the use of swirls are added to create effect.


Your task:

1 star - Use different resources to make marks on the paper. This could be through straight or curved lines or swirls.

2 star - Create different lines using different media. For example pencil, crayons, paint etc.

3 star - Create different lines using a range of different media, including pencil, crayons and paint. Look closely to work out which media is most effective. Compare these for each type of line.