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We are a team of pupils from Year 3 upwards that all applied for the job as an anti-bullying mentor. Once selected, we attended  a course with The Diana Trust to be trained up. We now wear our mentor badges with pride and our working hard for the pupils at Dovedale primary school to make it bully-proof!


Click on the link to find out more about what we believe bullying to be. 


We have written a song to show our commitment to anti-bullying. It is called Bully-Proof. As we are an inclusive school you can watch our BSL signing video in the link below to learn the words and help yourself to be resilient to bullying behaviours. 


Our pledge to you is: 


Every classroom has a 'Worry Box' so if you do not feel brave enough to speak to either of these options you can always write it down and put it into your class worry box.  We will deal with every issue sensitively and carefully and can keep your name a secret if you do not want others to know you have reported an incident. Our aim is to help everybody to follow our REACH values so we will do our very best to change the behaviours of others and to make every day at school 'Enjoyable' for everyone. smiley


The green gazebo has been designated as our Bully-proof Hub so there will be activities and people to share your breaks  with in there. laugh


Each day two mentors will be on the playground in their bully-proof vests to help you sort out any problems or to be a friend if you need one. Just look out for us.yes