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6th July 2020

Weekly update:

Over the next few weeks our planning will focus on providing a final push for any basic skills that we would like the children to have secured by the end of Year 1. We understand that you are not teachers nor are we expecting you to become one, these activities are to simply recap the learning we would like children to be confident with in preparation for year 2. Please remember these are just ideas and you do not need to complete everything. We apologise in advance for the length of our webpage. It looks as if it is growing and expanding weekly but please don't be overwhelmed by this. We are still uploading the same amount of work as before but as so many of you are accessing the home learning videos we have decided to do a few extra each week so it is actually only these videos that make the webpage seem very long! For some of the sessions we have also provided different levels as we appreciate some children may be secure with these basic skills elements whereas others may need a little longer.


A huge well done to Isaac for being my home learning hero! From having you in my bubble this week, it was clear to see how well you have been engaging with your home learning before returning to school and you have even made me slightly jealous with how beautiful your new cursive handwriting is! Keep working hard everyone - Isaac is proof that your home learning is good for your brain and is preparing you to be the super year 2s that I know you are sure to be! 


Please send us any of the work you do complete on dojo or email as we would love to celebrate your achievements. Dojo points and golden tickets are up for grabs this week! Remember we like to see anything wonderful you are doing - whether this be academic, extra curricular or just simply you being amazing with your REACH values or behaviour. Everything is welcome so we can celebrate your achievements and nominate you for Mrs Houseman's REACH assembly on Fridays - I wonder who it is going to be this week? 

Teaching videos:

Below you will find teaching videos from your teachers to support you with some of your home learning activities. This week you have 2 English videos to use - one for your comprehension activity on Monday and another for Tuesday's suffix lesson. You will also see a Number and Place value recap video for Maths which will hopefully jog your memory with basic skills and I have downloaded the E-Safety video for you to watch too.


We have also uploaded an additional video for those of you wanting a spelling challenge - this video focuses on applying the 40+ phonemes you have learnt during your phonics lessons at school.

Monday - English - Comprehension

Monday - Maths - Number and Place Value

Tuesday - English - Suffixes

Tuesday - Computing - E-Safety

Spelling Test - Application of 40+ phonemes