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Monday 29th March



Please complete Progress Test 3 (page 86) from the Collins Maths SATs Targeted Workbook. 




Reading comprehension: Go to Login as a pupil - username: mrs whites group password: reading.  Search for the ebook: East of the Sun, West of the Moon.  Read the text and then answer the questions at the back of the book and complete the two online activities.  This activity can be done over two days. 



Test your knowledge about materials by playing this quiz:

Then go on a materials hunt around your home.  Can you find 6 objects that are made from different materials?  List the object and the material, then explain why you think each material has been used to make each object eg chair - made from wood because it needs to be strong and solid. 

Tuesday 30th March




Continue reading East of the Sun, West if the Moon and complete the questions at the back of the book and the activities. 




Times tables practice - 3, 4 and 9 times tables. When you have practiced, go to and see how quickly you can remember the times tables facts.  Make sure you select whichever times table you want to play with, then you have the choice of finding the answer to the multiplication, or the multiplication for the answer. 


PSCHE - Money Matters

Please see information below for todays lesson.



Wednesday 31st March



Do you spelling test, then practice spellings for the first week back after Easter (see below)

Then log on to and complete the KS1 Grammar Tests - Official Sample. 




In your Collins Maths SATs Targeted Workbook, complete Using two-digit numbers (page 30) and Solving missing number problems (page 32).


Log on to:

Click on Lesson 2 for Pirate Fitness Challenge.  Complete the warm up, adventure fitness and cool down. 

Thursday 1st April



Read the powerpoint about acrostic poetry.  Today you are going to be writing an acrostic poem using EASTER as the focus and word written vertically down the page.  If you have a printer you can print the template off, but if not, copy the letters and draw your own Easter themed border.  I would like you to focus on using expanded noun phrases in this poem. Some examples are: 


Everyone enjoys the warm, sunny weather

All around there are beautiful, yellow daffodils

Spring is the time bright, new leaves appear on trees

The Easter Bunny is coming with a basket of delicious, chocolate eggs




... and so on!  Hopefully this has given you a few ideas. 



In your Collins text book, complete What is Multiplication? (page 38) and What is Division? (page 40)




Make an Easter card for your family!  I have included some ideas in the document below - it will depend on what resources you have at home as to which ones will be easiest to make.  I hope this gives you some ideas. 




Have a lovely Easter!