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Home Learning w/c 29.06.20

Please find below lessons and activities for this week which we hope your child will enjoy.

This week we are learning about the United States of America.  Can you locate America on your map?When you have done this have a look at the flag of America and try drawing one yourself. What do you think all the stars might represent? 

English activities

Reading Comprehension – Journey to America.  Read through the text and answer the questions.  Confident readers can also answer the Challenge Questions.  

Writing – It is American Independence Day this Saturday!  Find out how Americans celebrate this day and write a fact file.  Separate notes attached.

Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar - task: 2018 SATs KS1.  Please note that for the remaining weeks we will set past SATs papers to be completed.  They are longer than the previous activities set and have 19 questions.  They don't have to be completed in one go, or within a time limit so feel free to pause and resume if needed.  A paper copy is also included below if needed.

Writing – Cowboys!  Choose one of the activities:

Activity 1 – You are a ranch owner and need some Cowboys to help you!  Write a Job Advert describing what the job involves.

Activity 2 – Billy the Kid was a famous Cowboy but for the wrong reasons!  You are the Sheriff and need him in jail!  Write a Wanted poster so he can be found.

Separate notes are included for both tasks. 

Handwriting – Practise using all cursive joins by writing complete sentences.  See the notes attached.

Maths activities

Mrs Ganguly has kindly shared two online maths lessons for this week.  These lessons focus on fractions, and should be watched before attempting the activities to remind the children about the main concepts of this aspect of maths. The powerpoint Mrs Ganguly has used for the first lesson is also included below without the video. 

Where applicable all children should attempt 'Mastery' questions where applicable, and more confident mathematicians can challenge themselves with the 'Mastery with Greater Depth'. 

Fractions part 1 video lesson

Still image for this video

Fractions part2 video lesson

Still image for this video

Maths Knowledge Organiser

Other curriculum areas

Please use your judgement as to what to put in the book as it may not always be necessary / appropriate. Remember you can email photos to us, which would be lovely to share with the children and look back on when we are back at school and celebrating all their hard work!

Mrs Ganguly has prepared an online lesson to support the Science activities this week.  Please watch the video before starting this task. 


Science healthy eating video lesson 29.6.20.mp4

Still image for this video

Science - Animals including humans (Knowledge Organiser included)

Lesson 4: Healthy eating - Look through the PowerPoint slides 1-11

Activity 1Healthy eating food journal- try to think of what you had this week or last week. Fill out the journal.

Diet evaluation- Now think about what is good about your diet and how can you make it better.

Now look through the PowerPoint slides 10-14.

Activity 2Healthy meal plan- Choose the foods that you would like to eat during a day of healthy eating. Draw them onto the plates and label them to plan a healthy menu.

Separate notes are included for both activities. 


Geography – American Rivers.  Practising reading maps and using directional vocabulary.  See the American Rivers map and then answer the questions. 


RE- Stories of inspiring people who cared for others. Go through the PowerPoint  and watch the video ( ) and discuss the scenarios and questions.


PE- Learn about Gymnastics. Do a 10min challenge every day. Follow the guidelines on the document below for ideas. 


Art- Pentomino art (see separate document for instructions).