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Wednesday 24th March

PSCHE - Money Matters

Please see attached for todays lesson.


Please complete Progress Test 2 (page 62) from the Collins Maths SATs Targeted Workbook. 


Reading comprehension: Go to Login as a pupil - username: mrs whites group password: reading.  Search for the ebook: The Lazy Giant.  Read the text and then answer the questions at the back of the book.  This activity can be done over two days. 

Thursday 25th March



Continue reading The Lazy Giant and complete the questions at the back of the book. 



Times tables practice - 2, 5, 10 and then whichever times table you are learning next.  When you have practiced, go to and see how quickly you can remember the times tables facts.  Make sure you select whichever times table you want to play with, then you have the choice of finding the answer to the multiplication, or the multiplication for the answer. 


Log on to:

Click on Lesson 1 for Pirate Fitness Challenge.  Complete the warm up, adventure fitness and cool down. 


Friday 26th March

Religious Education

Why do Jewish people tell the story of Passover (Pesach) every year?



Log on to and complete 2016 - SATs KS1. 



In your Collins Maths SATs Targeted Workbook, complete Doubling and Halving using addition and subtraction (page 26) and Solving number problems (page 28).