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Home Learning for w/c 22.06.20

Please find below an overview of activities that we hope the children will be able to enjoy.

Antarctica Part 1.mp4

Still image for this video
This video gives an introduction to the country we are learning about this week.
This week we are learning about Antarctica.  Mrs Potter has very kindly shared a few videos and an audio PowerPoint with our class this week. Watch the video for an introduction to this continent and then have a go at finding Antarctica on your own map. When you have done this have a look at the flag of Antarctica and try drawing one yourself. 

English activities

Please make sure you have looked at the PowerPoint (Mrs Potter has included one with audio and one without), and also watch the below video before starting the writing lessons. 

Writing - Diary Entry first lesson.mp4

Still image for this video
This video gives further information about the first Writing task.

Writing - Diary Entry second lesson.mp4

Still image for this video
This video gives further information about the second Writing task.

Reading Comprehension – Amazing Antarctica. There are 3 different levels of text for children to choose from, then answer the questions.

Writing – This week we are focussing on writing diary entries. You will be writing as Captain Scott.

You have arrived in Antarctica and are at Cape Evans.  You are about to start your voyage to the South Pole.  Make sure you have listened to the PowerPoint and video before you start.  Separate notes are also included. 

Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar - task: 2017 SATs KS1.  Please note that for the remaining weeks we will set past SATs papers to be completed.  They are longer than the previous activities set and have 19 questions.  They don't have to be completed in one go, or within a time limit so feel free to pause and resume if needed.  A paper copy is also included below if needed.

Writing – Continuing to focus on diary writing.  As Captain Scott, write about how you are feeling as you begin your journey home. Begin this lesson by reviewing you first diary entry.  Did you achieve all the WILF?  Can you identify what you need to improve in this piece of work?  There is a separate video for this lesson and notes are also included. 

Handwriting – Practise using all cursive joins by writing complete sentences.  See the notes attached.

Maths activities

As we have already covered all of the Year 2 objectives for maths, these activities have been chosen to practise skills and deepen understanding.

This week we have included some Measurement revision lessons.  Knowledge organisers are attached to help support these activities.  We have also included some measurement questions from previous SATs papers.  Feel free to use the organisers for this activity also if they are needed, or alternatively you may wish to see how well your child can answer the questions unsupported. 

Please begin each activity with a title so we know which one you are doing, and write your answers in the green book.   Where applicable we would like all children to attempt the ‘Mastery’ tasks, and those that would like to challenge themselves can then answer the ‘Mastery with Greater Depth’.

Answers for these tasks are also included below. 

Times Tables and My Maths activities are detailed in the overview.  A paper copy of the My Maths activity is included below if needed.

Other curriculum areas

Please use your judgement as to what to put in the book as it may not always be necessary / appropriate. Remember you can email photos to us, which would be lovely to share with the children and look back on when we are back at school and celebrating all their hard work!

HistoryYou are Captain Scott, and you are preparing for your mission to the South Pole.

What will you take with you?  Please watch the video to help you with this task. 

Antarctica Part 3.mp4

Still image for this video
This video gives further information about the History task.

Science - Animals including humans - Lesson 3: Basic needs (see Knowledge Organiser) 


Look through the PowerPoint slides 1-8

Activity 1 Basic needs- Complete the activity using all the information that you have learnt from the previous slides.


Now look through the PowerPoint slides 10-14.

Activity 2: Pet Fact File-Use information on the PowerPoint  or do some research to make a fact file for a pet animal that you have or would like to have.


Quiz-Test your knowledge about basic animal needs with this quiz starting from PowerPoint slide 16 onwards.


PE – It is National Sports Week!

To mark this week, we have a few activities for you.

Personal Challenge – This is a daily challenge that we would like everyone to have a go at.  Your challenge is to count how many star jumps you can do in 1 minute.  Record your best score.  This is a daily challenge so each day you are going to try to improve on your personal best.  This is also a competition between Italy and Russia class to see which class has the highest number!

Sporting Challenge – Athletics & Artistic

Also included are some Sporting Challenge ideas.  Please choose 1 activity from Athletics and 1 activity from Artistic.  They could be things you feel most confident with, or they could be new skills that you would like to practise and develop.

Please send us your photos!


PSHE – Road Safety Ask a grown up to help you get onto the THINK! Website:

Go to education resources.  3-6 years section. Watch the Kids Know Best film and the Safer Journeys Anthem. Now look at the Road Safety Checklist. Do you know how each of these things can help us to be safer on the roads? Discuss it with a grown up and then go for a walk around your local area – how many things can you spot that have been put there to help us all to be safer on the roads?