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Home Learning for w/c 18.05.20

Please find below an overview of activities that we hope the children will be able to enjoy.

English activities

Reading Comprehension – Birds in your Garden. There are 3 different levels of text for children to choose from, then answer the questions.

Writing Using your knowledge from the reading comprehension, or from your own internet research, choose one bird and complete a fact file on it.  You can use the fact file templates for ideas of how you could set your work out (they do not need to be printed).

Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar - task: Terminology Y2 (B)

Writing – What books have you read recently?  What is your favourite book?  Write a book review to share your thoughts on a book, either using the template or presenting it in your own way. 

Handwriting – use the resource for guidance on the cursive joins.  Practise 2 lines of these before writing our each word 5 times in your green book, then try writing the sentences. 

Please see further resources below to support these activities:

Maths activities

As we have already covered all of the Year 2 objectives for maths, these activities have been chosen to practise skills and deepen understanding.

For the Fractions activities – We have included a 'Knowledge Organiser' for these activities.  This is an overview and reminder of key concepts for children to refer to while doing this work.  If you are printing these off, please do not throw them away after completing the tasks as they will be useful for future lessons.

Please begin each activity with a title so we know which one you are doing, and write your answers in the green book.   Where applicable we would like all children to attempt the ‘Mastery’ tasks, and those that would like to challenge themselves can then answer the ‘Mastery with Greater Depth’.

Answers for these tasks are also included below. 

Times Tables and My Maths activities are detailed in the overview.

The children are used to working in maths books with squared paper – if they would like to draw some vertical lines on their pages to help with presentation then please feel free to do so.

Other curriculum areas

Please use your judgement as to what to put in the book as it may not always be necessary / appropriate. Remember you can email photos to us, which would be lovely to share with the children and look back on when we are back at school and celebrating all their hard work!

Science & Geography: Use the ‘Plants we Eat’ PowerPoint presentation and watch the video clip.  What would you grow on your farm?  Use the worksheet to help you plan which crop you would plant in each field (this worksheet does not need to be printed).  What would your crops need and how would you look after them?

Challenge – Do you know somewhere where crops grow?  It might be an allotment or a farm nearby.  Do you know which crops are grown there?  Perhaps you could take some photographs and send them to us.

Science: Continue to observe your bean and look for any changes. Use the bean diary to record what happens each day. (see last week’s resources). Use the knowledge organiser to check facts about plants.