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Home Learning for w/c 01.06.20

Please find below an overview of activities that we hope the children will be able to enjoy.

Each week we will focus on a different country, and this week we are learning about Australia.

It might be useful to make the first Geography lesson the first activity you do.  This involves locating Australia on a map and thinking about it's proximity to us.  For this you can view the coloured map attached, or you could print off the black and white map, and colour in the country we are learning about.  If you do this, then keep hold of the map and you can add to it by colouring in the countries we learn about throughout the rest of the topic.  Alternatively feel free to use anything you might have at home already.  When you have done this have a look at the Australian flag and have a go at drawing one yourself. 

English activities

Reading Comprehension – Australian Animals. There are 3 different levels of text for children to choose from, then answer the questions.

Writing – Choose two Australian animals from the Reading Comprehension.  Compare their similarities and differences. See separate notes. 

Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar - task: Verb Tenses (B)

Writing – Write a postcard from Australia to someone in your family.  See separate notes.

Handwriting – Practise using all cursive joins by writing complete sentences.  See the notes attached.

Please see further resources below to support these activities:

Maths activities

As we have already covered all of the Year 2 objectives for maths, these activities have been chosen to practise skills and deepen understanding.

This week we have included some Place Value and Addition & Subtraction revision lessons.  Knowledge organisers are attached to help support these activities.  We have also included some place value and addition & subtraction questions from previous SATs papers.  Feel free to use the organisers for this activity also if they are needed, or alternatively you may wish to see how well your child can answer the questions unsupported. 

Please begin each activity with a title so we know which one you are doing, and write your answers in the green book.   Where applicable we would like all children to attempt the ‘Mastery’ tasks, and those that would like to challenge themselves can then answer the ‘Mastery with Greater Depth’.

Answers for these tasks are also included below. 

Times Tables and My Maths activities are detailed in the overview.

Other curriculum areas

Please use your judgement as to what to put in the book as it may not always be necessary / appropriate. Remember you can email photos to us, which would be lovely to share with the children and look back on when we are back at school and celebrating all their hard work!