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13th July 2020

Weekly update:

Since the start of our home learning journey we have covered all of the basic skills that we would like the children to have secured by the end of Year 1. Completing these home learning activities will have helped your child to feel more confident with Year 2 and help ease the transition. This week we have tried something different. In English and Maths you will find assessment materials and assessment style questions for you to cover to help gauge where any gaps in their learning may be. We would recommend that any assessment documents are completed independently first to highlight their gaps and then you can look over these together and correct any misconceptions. Please remember that we understand you are not teachers nor are we are not expecting you to become one, these activities are simply to allow your child to apply their learning and then recap where any errors can be seen.


A huge well done to Laylah for being my home learning hero. Your perseverance and dedication to succeed has blown me away. I can't wait to see what skill you master next! This week I will be nominating two children who have stood out to me. One from my class bubble and another from the home learners = will it be?



Please remember to send us any of the work you do complete on dojo or email as we would love to celebrate your achievements. Remember we like to see anything wonderful you are doing - whether this be academic, extra curricular or just simply you being amazing with your REACH values or behaviour. Everything is welcome so we can celebrate your achievements and nominate you for Mrs Houseman's REACH assembly on Fridays - I wonder who it is going to be this week? 

Tuesday - Maths teaching video

Wednesday - Spelling Test 1 (complete first if missed last week)

Wednesday - Spelling Test 2

Thursday - maths teaching video