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Home Learning w/c 13.07.20

Please find below lessons and activities for this week which we hope your child will enjoy.

Don't forget to make your hat this week for our special party zoom call on Friday!


This week you will be thinking about all of the countries and continents we have covered in our topic - and perhaps doing your own research into other places too!  The focus of this week's literacy and geography lessons is about planning your own 'round the world' trip!

Test your flag knowledge with the 'Fantastic Flags' activity.  Can you use an atlas or the internet to find out which colours go in each of the flags?  You then need to choose 3 (they can be any flags and not necessarily from the Fantastic Flags document), draw and colour them.  Don’t forget to give them a clear title of the country they are for.


English activities

Reading Comprehension –  Around the World in 80 days.  There are three different levels to choose from. Read through the text and answer the questions.  

Writing – Improving sentences - Recap Year 2 grammar terminology and practise using it to improve the sentences. Please also refer to the document 'Year 2 Grammar Glossary' if needed. 

Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar - KS1 Grammar Test (Official Sample).   Please note that for the remaining weeks we will set past SATs papers to be completed.  They are longer than the previous activities set and have 20 questions.  They don't have to be completed in one go, or within a time limit so feel free to pause and resume if needed.  

Writing –  Your round the World trip  - Why I want to go - If you could plan a trip around the world where would you go and why?  What would you need to take with you?  This lesson is linked to geography and notes for both lessons are included in the same document. Please also refer to the document 'My Example' for further guidance.

Handwriting – Practise using all cursive joins by writing complete sentences.  See the notes attached.

Maths activities

This week the maths lessons focus on revision of 2D and 3D shapes, and also bar modelling. The last lesson includes relevant questions taken from previous SATs papers. Mrs Ganguly has kindly shared her videos for two of the maths lessons which can be found below. 

Where applicable all children should attempt 'Mastery' questions where applicable, and more confident mathematicians can challenge themselves with the 'Mastery with Greater Depth'. 

Properties of 2D and 3D shapes video ppt 13.7.20.mp4

Still image for this video
Properties of 2D and 3D shapes revision lesson

bar modelling method video ppt.mp4

Still image for this video
Using bar modelling method to solve word problems lesson

Other curriculum areas

Please use your judgement as to what to put in the book as it may not always be necessary / appropriate. Remember you can email photos to us, which would be lovely to share with the children and look back on when we are back at school and celebrating all their hard work!


Science - Animals including humans: Lesson 5: Hygiene – Please see Mrs Ganguly’s video for this lesson.

Look through the PowerPoint slides 1-10

Activity 1:  Keeping clean activity- Draw 4 things that you do to keep clean and use the word bank to complete the sentences.

Activity 2a: Handwashing sequence- put the pictures in the correct order.

Activity 2b: Glitter bugs- Dip your hand in mud and then use one of the ways below to clean your hands. Repeat this till you have used all three ways to clean. Now record your results.

Extra activity: Hygiene Heroes game: Follow the instructions to play the game with your family.

Separate notes are included for all activities. 

science hygiene video ppt.mp4

Still image for this video
Hygiene science lesson



Geography – Your World Trip - Planning the Trip. Choose at least 6 different countries you would like to visit on your trip and plot them out.  Which direction would you travel in?  How would you get there?  This lesson is linked to writing and notes for both lessons are included in the same document (also attached below).  Please also refer to the document 'Planning the Trip - My Example' for further guidance. 


RE- Go through the RE power point on God’s wonderful world. Discuss, write and draw about three ways that you can take care of the world in your own way.


PERacket sports – see the Derbyshire School Games resources for lots of ideas of how this game can be adapted to play at home with your family.  Challenges are included for each day.


Art/DT- Junk Modelling - Collect as many things that you can throughout the week. Design anything you like. It can be a robot, castle, toy, car, ship, animal, etc. Be as creative as you like.