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Monday 12th July



Look through your Spelling Book and find the words that you have misspelled in your spelling tests. Practice spelling these words by putting them in a word-search. You can use the template if you have a printer, but if not you can create your own.  If you need some extra words to add to your word-search there is a list below. When you have finished give it to a family member to solve - maybe they can make one for you to do too!



Practice measuring length, weight and capacity by playing these online games on Topmarks:



Try these ball skills at home!


Alternatively choose an activity from Go Noodle:


Tuesday 13th July 



Go to Oxford Owl  Click on Oxford Owl for school, and login as a pupil/student with the username: Mrs Whites group and password: reading.  Search for the text: Finn MacCool and the Giant's Causeway.  Read the book then complete the online activities.



Practice measuring using a ruler or tape measure. Find 10 items in your home and measure their length in cm.  Now list the items in order from shortest to longest.  Next, choose any 2 items and work out the difference between the measurements, for example, if a book was 10cm and a pencil was 15cm then the difference between the two would be 5cm.



Today we are learning about Morse Code and how it was used in World War 2.  Have a look through the powerpoint then use the Morse code activities to work out what the messages are.  Why not make your own Morse code message for someone in your family and see if they can work it out? 

Wednesday 14th July 



Create a story map for Finn MacCool and the Giant's Causeway and practice retelling the story.  What was your favourite part and why?


Practice working out durations of time. The worksheet includes word problems using time.  Complete the problems to work out how long each activity took. Use this interactive clock to help you:



Animals and their habitats recap - look through the powerpoint about how animals adapt to their environments, specifically penguins. Then choose one of the penguin species and create your own penguin mask including the markings and features!

Thursday 15th July 



Look through the photos on the class page, class dojo, class assembly and the offsite learning lessons.  What have been your favourite memories of this year?  Make a list of at least 5. Write a short recount of each of them, particularly focusing on using the correct tense - remember that if they have taken place already then you will need to use the past tense.  Most verbs change by adding the suffix 'ed' in the past tense, but some are irregular such as go/went,  run/ran. I would also like you to include adjectives for descriptions and conjunctions such as 'because', 'but', 'or' and 'so'. Make sure you edit and proof-read your writing. 



Complete a Progress Test in your Collins maths book - start with 1 if you have not yet completed it. 


Art & DT

Photography - head into your garden for photo inspiration!  Have a look at the checklist and see how many different photos you can take.  Can you edit your photo to zoom in or change a filter?  If any photos are unclear, experiment with different ways to improve it.  Have fun!


Friday 16th July 



Complete page 68, 69, 70 and 71 from your Collins Maths workbook.



Handwriting practice - complete pages 64, 65, 66 and 67 from your Collins English workbook.




Online safety - Read through the Smartie the Penguin story about staying safe online. Make a poster about how someone of your age can stay safe online - what must the remember to do, and not do?