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Monday 10th May 



Please complete Progress Test 4 (page 108) from the Collins Maths SATs Targeted Workbook. 



Reading comprehension: Go to Login as a pupil - username: mrs whites group password: reading.  Search for the ebook: False Alarms.  Read the text and then answer the questions at the back of the book.  



Choose 2 activities from Go Noodle Indoor Recess:


Tuesday 11th May 



This week we are recapping on fractions.  Read through the powerpoint up to slide 10, then complete What is a Fraction? (pages 56 & 57) from your Collins Maths SATs Targeted Workbook. 



Please complete Apostrophes (page 100 & 101) from the Collins English SATs Targeted Workbook. When you have done that, can you work out the contractions for these words and put them in sentences: 

I will Should have 
Did not Must have 




This week we are learning about plants that we eat. Read through the powerpoint and click on the link to watch the video.  What plants that can be eaten can you find at home?  Can you identify whether they are vegetables, fruit, cereals or nuts / seeds/ legumes? 

Next, plan what you would grown on your own farm.  If you have a printer then you can use the activity worksheet.  If not, you can just draw your own plan and make sure you include an explanation of what your plants will nee to grow. 


Wednesday 12th May 



Use the powerpoint for yesterday tp recap on fractions of numbers - slide 11 up to the Plenary.

Then complete Fractions of Numbers (page 58 & 59) from the Collins Maths SATs Targeted Workbook.   Then you can go back to the plenary on the powerpoint and complete the challenges. 


Complete your spelling test, then practice for next week's list with look, cover, write, check.  

Today we are re-capping on using speech marks to show when someone is talking. 

Have a look at the powerpoint, then go through the sentences and re-write each one including speech marks. When you have finished you can try the quiz!



Today we are thinking about our local area and how it was affected during World War II. Look at the 'Photos of Long Eaton in the 1940's'  this is a powerpoint, with the first slide showing information about which UK cities were most affected by bombing.  Do you think that Long Eaton would have been a target for German bombers? 

Long Eaton was a relatively safe place because at the time it was a much smaller town than today. In fact, Long Eaton welcomed a lot evacuted children from London, as it was a quiet and rural location. 

How you could prepare for an evacuee coming to live with you? How do you think they would be feeling?  What could you do to put them at ease and welcome them?  Watch The Lion & The Unicorn to remind yourself of Lenny’s experience.

What do you think they would consider to be different from their home? What would you show them?  What preparations could you make to your home to welcome your guest? 

Remember that in those days life would have been very different – eg no play stations, devices or tv. Although our school wasn’t built at that time, how would you have welcomed them to school?

Write at least 6 sentences explaining how you would welcome an evacuee to your home in the 1940's.