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Welcome to
Sweetpeas Class!



Sweetpeas class is made up of 28 wonderful Year 1 children who love learning and who strive to be the very best they can be. Our Class teacher is Miss Bestwick. She is helping us adopt an ‘I can do it’ attitude so we believe anything is possible.


In our Class we are very fortunate to have a range of adults who love to help us learn. Every other Wednesday when Miss Bestwick has her planning, preparation and assessment (PPA) time we are taught by Mrs Norton. We are also supported by Mrs White on a Tuesday - she loves to help us with all aspects of our learning, especially our reading!


Alongside the children in our class, there is also our class bear who we named 'Cookie.' Cookie bear helps us every day with our learning and makes sure we are all following our school rules. Every day a lucky member of the class is chosen as the 'Star of the Day' and gets to take Cookie home. We are all super excited for our turn as we get to look after him at home for the night.


Sweetpeas learning journey:


Our topic question this term is:


Up a beanstalk or under the sea,

where would you live and who would you be?


During the first half of the Autumn term we will engage with and explore a range of Disney Stories within all of our subjects. We will be focusing on the story of Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan. Within our Literacy lessons we will be using Pie Corbett's talking for writing approach - this will help us to imitate familiar stories, innovate them by changing characters and settings and completely invent our own stories. In our Maths lessons our focus will be on consolidating our basic number skills through exploring place value. In these sessions we will continue to practise our counting skills (forward and backwards) to 100 in different multiples before progressing on to adding numbers together.


During the second part of the term, the children will be focusing on more traditional tales – some with a twist! We will continue to use the talk for writing approach to scaffold our writing and aid us with our independent writes.



Autumn term weekly updates:

Friday 16th November 2018

As usual, another busy week in our Year One classroom. In Literacy the children have been learning the story of Little Red Riding Rood and following instructions to help place the characters in different parts of the woods. The children have been so engaged with their learning on instructions and are becoming ‘bossy verb’ experts. They love using simple, clear instructions to boss each other around. In Maths, the children have continued their learning on number bonds – most children are confident with their number bonds to 10 but we are continuing to work on quick recall of their number bond facts to 20.


This week the children have enjoyed continuing their learning for the Christmas production and are eager to join forces with Year 2 to piece our performance together. This week the children will have brought a copy of their song words home. We appreciate that this is difficult to practise at home without the backing track however if you could support your child with repeating the words after you we would be grateful – I am pretty sure they’ll have the songs stuck in your head by the end of the week too!


A final message to say well done to those children who received their flu vaccination on Tuesday. All of the Sweetpeas were very brave and tackled their worries with a smile.


Friday 9th November 2018

A huge welcome back to all children in the Sweetpeas class. I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing all about the weird and wonderful adventures you got up to over the half term and I hope you all enjoyed the break with your child. The children have impressed me again with how quickly they have settled back into school routine and life but was equally amazed by just how much I noticed they had grown in the space of a week!!


Christmas is creeping slowly upon us and in school the excitement and chaos is building up quickly. This year our Key Stage 1 nativity is called ‘The INN-spectors’ and all children in our class will form part of the Christmas choir. The children have taken this in their stride and are thoroughly enjoying learning the songs for our production. A letter will be coming home on Thursday 15th November stating our performance dates and explaining how to get tickets for the production – please feel free to ask if you are unsure.


Amongst the Christmas madness, we have continued to learn lots of new things. In English, the children have started to learn about instructions, by following a simple set of instructions and unpicking the key features. On Wednesday we were very lucky to make jam sandwiches but Mrs Norton made us follow the instructions step by step!! In Maths, we have been consolidating our learning on addition by using concrete materials and pictorial representations.


Friday 26th October 2018

The end of the term is finally upon us and what long eight weeks it has been. Everyday I feel very proud of how far the children in Sweetpeas class have come. All the children have taken the changes from Reception to Year One in their stride and although some initially found this difficult have overcome the obstacle well. Each child has amazed me with their ‘I can do it!’ attitude and I am certain this will continue into Autumn Term 2.


All of the Key Stage One team are wishing you and your child a happy and healthy half term and we look forward to hearing all about your adventures when you return. Stay safe and have fun!


Friday 12th October 2018

In Literacy this week we have been introduced to the story of Peter Pan. We loved editing the story of ‘The Little Mermaid’ that we decided to change more in this story too. We changed the setting from a Nursery to a haunted house and we changed the character of Captain Hook into a creepy alien. We had so much fun designing the new character and setting – working out exactly how they should look. On Monday we were super excited to receive a voice message from Peter Pan with a message asking for our help.


Friday 5th October 2018

As usual another busy but productive week with the lovely Sweetpeas. This week in English we have continued our learning on the Little Mermaid but this week we have become experts in editing a text. As a class we decided to change our main character to a boy, which we have now named ‘The Little Merman.’ We have used talking stories to help us remember the story using our new character and we are beginning to use our talking stories to rewrite a new version ourselves. Our characters from our English lessons (Ariel and Scuttle) also transported into our Mathematics learning. They hid objects within a cave which meant we had to use our addition and subtraction skills to count how many are left or how many they had altogether. This has really helped us with our number bonds to 10 and we will continue to consolidate this learning throughout the term.


In our foundation subjects we have also been extremely busy. In Science we created our very own potions using bicarbonate soda, vinegar and food colouring. The children poured some bicarbonate of soda into a balloon, whilst they poured vinegar in to a bottle. The children then watched the two ingredients react when they connected the balloon to the bottle. Everyone was amazed that the two ingredients caused a fizz which inflated the balloon. We had a competition to see which balloon would inflate the biggest – Miss Bestwick lost!


Friday 28th September 2018

Yet another eventful week! This week saw the children complete their story of Aladdin. Everyone worked so hard to use all the information we had read, along with exciting vocabulary and our basic writing skills and Miss Bestwick was very impressed with our writing. We even shared some of our work with Mrs Houseman who could hardly believe we were only Year One. In maths the children have used numicon to explore making ten. The children explored the different combination and bonds to 10 and we began writing these as number sentences. Our next step is to learn these through quick recall.


This week we enjoyed lots of physical activity. We worked so hard to complete our fitness tests with Derby Uni and showcase our many talents. The children completed a carousal of activities involving stretching, strength, direction and speed. We also checked how tall we are too. On Friday we celebrated ‘Stand up for Derbyshire’ day which meant that 50% of our day had to be active. We started the morning with a danceathon during assembly, our literacy lesson turned into some drama and acting and then we joined with Mrs Tomlinson’s class to complete the mile a day. Mrs Tomlinson said we were much better and fitter than Miss Bestwick! We then ended our day with some fun parachute games.


Friday 21st September 2018:

Wow! What a week. Yet again all of the children in Sweetpeas class have accepted any challenges with a mature and enthusiastic attitude. The children are starting to notice that our classroom has a culture where mistakes are welcomed as it enables us to move our learning forward. Miss Bestwick has taught us that as long as we try our best and keep pushing ourselves then we are capable of anything we set our hearts and minds to! This is really showing in our Year One work. Miss Bestwick wasn't sure if we were children or authors in Literacy. Please keep your eyes on our webpage as we are very excited to share some of our writing with you.

In Maths we became counting superstars! We have practised counting in multiples of 2s using concrete resources, pictorial representations and our mental maths skills. We had so much fun on Thursday playing a range of games to consolidate our skills - we accessed counting in 2s dot to dots, mazes and board games to help us remember the pattern - we were much better counters than Miss Bestwick!!


Friday 14th September 2018:

All of the children in Sweetpeas class have made a positive start to their journey in Year One. This week the children were introduced to a more structured timetable which saw less time for independent play and choosing and more formal whole-class lessons. Although the children were not sure about this initially, each and every child took this in their stride and rose to the challenge.


In our literacy lessons we explored Pie Corbett's approach to writing which we call talking stories. On Monday, we were introduced to the story of Aladdin and we added our own actions to help us recite the story off by heart. On Tuesday we sequenced the story and added key words as captions and during Friday's big write we all wrote the beginning of the story. Miss Bestwick was so impressed with our stories she let some of us share our wonderful work with Miss Standring - who was extremely proud of us!

In Maths we continued our place value work where we were familiarising ourselves with counting forwards and backwards. We did so well that Miss Bestwick challenged us to finding one more or less than a given number - she was blown away by our mental maths skills!


Friday 7th September 2018:

A big welcome back to all of the children in Sweetpeas class and a huge congratulations to every child for coming to school with a beaming smile and a positive attitude. All members of our Sweetpea class welcomed the challenge of Year 1 and amazed me with how well they coped with the transition from Reception. I have thoroughly enjoyed working closely with the children, getting to know them and learning all about their summer adventures. It sounds like you all had a busy but fun break! I am looking forward to starting our first full week on Monday - well done Sweetpeas.






In Sweetpeas Class we are always trying to be the very best versions of ourselves. We love working hard and dreaming big. The children below have impressed Miss Bestwick and any other adults in our class and have received recognition during our ‘well done’ assemblies.


A huge congratulations to:

  • Lois
  • Myla
  • Jessica
  • Nevaeh
  • Frankie


Important notices:

Reading books

Reading books are changed on a weekly basis. If your child is reading regularly at home, I am very happy to change their book more often. The children will need to leave their reading book and reading diary on my desk first thing in the morning. This will give me enough time to change their book during the day. Please could you write a little note in their diary asking for books to be changed so I know they have definitely finished and remind them in a morning to hand their diary and book in.



This year, spellings will run differently to the tests in reception. Spellings in Year 1 are linked to the high frequency and tricky words to aid them with their spelling. At the beginning of the Autumn Term (Week 3) children will be given a spelling booklet which will have thirty words to learn during the term. Each week we will choose ten words at random to test your child on. To support you with your learning at home, we would suggest you chose a few words each week to perfect rather than tackling the whole list. Although we cannot guarantee those words will come up, it is likely that some or most will. Spelling tests will take place on a Tuesday afternoon and will be completed informally as part of our daily classroom learning.



During Autumn Term our focus on homework will involve regular reading of the child's reading book as well as learning any high frequency words. If your child has received any new high frequency words these will be stapled into the child's reading record. Your child will also benefit from practising a few spellings per week from the spelling booklet we provide. Once the children have settled in to Year 1 life we will introduce MyMaths homework which can be completed on a laptop or computer. Each child will be given a login for this website but please feel free to ask for another if this is ever misplaced!



This year we will have two P.E lessons a week. Our Outdoor P.E session is on a Tuesday afternoon and our Indoor P.E is on a Friday afternoon. Please could you make sure your child has now returned their PE kit after the summer break. It would be helpful if all PE kit could be labelled to prevent any confusion between children. PE bags will be sent home at the end of every half term



Dates for your diary:

Tuesday 11th September 2018 - Meet the teacher 3.30pm onwards.

Friday 26th October 2018 - Inset Day.

Tuesday 12th November 2018 - Flu vaccinations and odd sock day.

Friday 16th November 2018 - Children in need - wear spots.

Wednesday 5th December 2018 - Parents Evening.

Tuesday 11th December 2018 - Christmas production to parents (2.00pm)

Wednesday 12th December 2018 - Christmas production to parents (9.30am)

Thursday 13th December 2018 - Christmas production to parents (2.00pm)

Friday 14th December 2018 - Christmas jumper day and infant pantomime.

Friday 21st December 2018 - Last day of term.

Thursday 14th March 2019 - Sweetpeas Class Assembly (9.05 onwards)