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Welcome to
Sweetpeas Class!



Sweetpeas class is made up of 28 wonderful Year 1 children who love learning and who strive to be the very best they can be. Our Class teacher is Miss Bestwick. She is helping us adopt an ‘I can do it’ attitude so we believe anything is possible.


In our Class we are very fortunate to have a range of adults who love to help us learn. Every other Wednesday when Miss Bestwick has her planning, preparation and assessment (PPA) time we are taught by Mrs Norton. We are also supported by Mrs White on a Tuesday - she loves to help us with all aspects of our learning, especially our reading!


Alongside the children in our class, there is also our class bear who we named 'Cookie.' Cookie bear helps us every day with our learning and makes sure we are all following our school rules. Every day a lucky member of the class is chosen as the 'Star of the Day' and gets to take Cookie home. We are all super excited for our turn as we get to look after him at home for the night.


Sweetpeas learning journey:

Image result for summer


For Summer term our topic question is ...

' Which creature makes the best pet? '


Summer term 2:

During summer term 2 we will be continuing to explore the question 'which creature will make the best pet?'. This term will see a shift from exploring dinosaurs to a wider variety of animals that can be found around the world.

In literacy we will be innovating the story of 'The tiger who came to tea'. We will first learn the story through our talk for writing process before changing the characters and editing the plot. We will also be entering a writing competition within our family of schools. There will be a prize per class and one overall winner from all of the schools - keep your eyes peeled! Our spellings will continue on from Summer Term 1 as we appreciate this was a very short term to secure our knowledge of all 30 spellings.


In maths we will be continuing with our work on measures however we will move away from measuring height, length and weight and begin telling the time, learning each value of the coins and begin looking at change.


In art we will be exploring the artist 'Henri Rousseau' by looking at the painting called 'surprised!'. We will be looking at the techniques he uses and then recreating our own by building up from the background to the foreground.


This term is always a lovely one and a personal favourite. Over the next few weeks we will engage with a whole school health week focusing on physical and  mental health, engage with sports day, Dovedale's got talent and also go on our key stage trip to the Tropical Butterfly House.


Just a reminder of a few important dates:

Thursday 6th June - final forest school session (please bring outdoor clothing)

Monday 10th June - Friday 14th June - Whole school health week and Year 1 phonics screening checks.

Thursday 13th June - Toy sale and swap day - please bring in £1 and a toy they no longer want.

Saturday 22n June - Long Eaton Carnival day.

Tuesday 25th June - Year 1 and 2 trip to the Tropical Butterfly House.

Friday 5th July - Sports day, summer fair and end of year reports out.

Wednesday 10th July - Drop in parents evening if you wish to discuss your child's report.

Friday 19th July - end of term!

Monday 22nd July - Inset day.


Summer term 1:

During the first half of the summer term we will explore creatures from the past by looking at dinosaurs and thinking whether we would have liked to have one as our very own pet. We will learn the different types of dinosaurs and try our best to remember as many as possible.


In History we will be finding out about a famous paleontologist – Mary Anning. She will help us look at extinction, skeletons, fossils and the dinosaur periods. We are hoping that we can follow in her footsteps to become paleontologists ourselves – watch this space!!


In Science we will begin to look at carnivores, omnivores and herbivores and then use our knowledge of each dinosaur to group them by their diet. We will also be getting a little messy by engaging with pretend ‘dinosaur poo’ which the children will be told has arrived from the National History Museum in London. The children will have to dissect the poo using specialist equipment to work out which dinosaur it belongs to – this will really test their knowledge on diets! We will also have an exciting experiment involving dinosaurs and ice. This is linked to our learning on the ice age and lets us explore how fast we can free dinosaurs from a block of ice – each group will use a different method to see assess which is best.

In Art we will be recreating dinosaur skeletons using different types of pasta and art straws.

In Literacy we will continue our work on poetry before moving back to our story writing. We will engage with dinosaur themed texts such as ‘ How the dinosaur pooed a plant’ and ‘Harry and the bucket full of dinosaurs.’ These texts will give us ideas about the weird and wonderful things dinosaurs might get up to before attempting to write our very own adventure story. Keep your eyes peeled on our class dojo page for some of our ideas!

In Maths we will be exploring a new concept – measurement! The children will begin to describe, compare and solve problems involving height, length and weight. The children will be using a range of mathematical vocabulary linked to these concepts before using non-standard measurements (cubes, counters, hands, feet etc.) to measure specific objects. We will then progress on to learning to tell the time. At first we will practise reading o’clock and half past times but some of us might even move on to quarter past and quarter to! We will finish the term exploring money – this will involving knowing the value of each coin and note before trying to solve problems involving money and change.

I am looking forward to another exciting term in Sweetpeas Class. We appreciate it is a very short term but it will be filled with lots of fun and exciting learning.


Just a reminder of a few important dates:

Tuesday 30th April 2019 – Phonics Screening information evening at 3.30pm.

Wednesday 1st May 2019– Class photo day.
Thursday 2nd May 2019 - School closed for voting.

Monday 6th May 2019 - Bank holiday.

Thursday 23rd May - School potentially closed for voting.

Friday 24th May - INSET day.


Spring term weekly updates:

Monday 8th April 2019

This week is our local area study week. Our curriculum leaders for the foundation subjects have planned this around the theme of Robin Hood.

Yesterday saw the launch of our themed week with Miss Nadin and I leading a whole school assembly dressed in role as Robin Hood and Maid Marian. We called upon Miss Gunnell to be the evil Sherriff of Nottingham and some children also volunteered to act out parts. All of the children (and teachers) thoroughly enjoyed the performance and staff have joked we can lead the next pantomime!!

In English the children used the talk for writing approach to the learn the story and then split into small groups to act out the story in detail. They thoroughly enjoyed this! Afterwards we we learnt the Robin Hood song, we coped well with the chorus but need a little help remembering the verse! Hopefully you enjoy the video of them singing this.

In the afternoon we were busy getting creative (and mucky!) in art. I apologise if any children came home covered in chalk or art but they were so enthusiastic and engaged that it was hard to not get this on their hands! We went outside with chalks and created a rubbings background by using different parts of the environment - rubbings taken from the wall, concrete floor, tree trunks, leaves and sticks or twigs. We then came inside and put a small amount of coloured ink onto our paper. Using straws we blew the ink in different directions to try and recreate a silhouette of the Major Oak tree to represent Robin Hoods home. The finished pieces look incredible - we hope you enjoy looking at these.

Today is another busy day! This morning the children will be in the hall for a WOW experience with the children watching the birds of prey flying around the hall. In the afternoon we will be completing our Geography learning by exploring Sherwood Forest in greater depth. We will be looking at map work, plotting safe places for Robin Hood to hide from the sheriff. We are then excited to apply this knowledge to our school grounds by completing a Robin Hood hunt. Miss Bestwick and Mrs Norton have hidden Robin Hood as best as we could for the children to try and find. We will then complete this practically in a giant game of hide and seek. Some children will be in role as the Sherriff and the others will be hiding in role as Robin Hood. We are looking forward to it!!

Just a reminder that Wednesday afternoon we have our Easter bonnet parade. If children want to participate they need to bring an Easter bonnet on Wednesday morning along with a £1 donation. Friday also sees our Easter trip to the church. I am one helper short so if anyone is available 1pm-3pm to over support with these then it would be greatly received.

Thank you as always! I know it’s been a long term. I’m tired let alone the children and I’m sure you are too.


Monday 1st April 2019

The children in Year One are entering a writing competition through a programme called 'Young Writers'. The competition runs for children aged 5-7 years and is based around the theme of a diary entry. In our English lessons the children have been learning the story 'After the Storm' by Nick Butterworth and have taken on the role of Percy the Park Keeper to write a diary entry from his perspective.


In order for your child to enter the competition we require parental consent. Each entry requires a child's full name, age and their school to be submitted with their work. Once the competition is finished 'Young Writers' will keep the child's information on their system for 3 months. This is whilst the competition is judged and the winners work is published. If you would like any further information, your child will be bringing a letter home but please come and see me and I can explain this more.

If you do not want your child to enter then please let me know by Monday 8th April 2019.


Friday 29th  March 2019

This week has been an exciting week. The chicks arrived on Monday however they STILL HAVEN'T HATCHED! We are extremely excited to meet them. Mrs Norton is taking them home for the weekend so will keep us informed if anything happens.


In Maths we have been learning about 3D shapes and how many edges, faces and corners they have. We found the edges a little tricky as there are quite a lot of them so we still need lots of practice. In literacy we have been learning about Percy the Park keeper to write a diary entry for a Young Writers competition. We will be writing them up in neat next week and look forward to seeing if any of our amazing writing will win!


We have been thinking about the world around us and who helps keep us safe and when we feel unsafe and why?  We used salt dough to create bread designs from history, thinking about how food is different from the past. It has been a very exciting week!


We have had a lovely time making cards and doing some writing for our mums! We hope you like them! Happy Mother's day to you all! Enjoy your weekend with your children.


Friday 15th  March 2019 and Friday 22nd March 2019

We have had an extremely busy few weeks with Red Nose Day and odd socks for Down Syndrome day! Thank you for your continued support - the children were very excited about dressing up in all kinds of weird and wonderful ways.


In our lessons this week we have continued to explore poetry in English. We have now looked at rhyming couplets, senses poems and acrostic poems. I think we may have a few budding poets on our hands! In Maths we have been learning about fractions - finding a half and a quarter of shapes, objects and amounts. I was really impressed to see some children challenging themselves to find three quarters. In Art we created a hot and cold picture using an ombre effect and then adding a silhouette to represent buildings and forest - head over to our class dojo page for photos! These look amazing! In PE we have been finalising our street dance - we have loved this topic! and in outdoor PE we have been looking at tennis skills.

Image result for chicks incubator

Next week KS1 will be having chicks in for a week to watch them hatch and have some time with them in their class. This will be an exciting time for the children and Mrs Norton will be looking after them over the weekend. 


We just wanted to clarify the forms of communication within school and what they are used for so that you can know where to look for the information! Our class page on the website is where most information regarding the class is put and updated every few weeks with what the children have been learning and events that have happened or will be happening in school. Dojo is mainly used for reminders about events and occasional photos about what the children have been doing. Important dates and events can be found in the newsletter, calendar and blog which are all on the school website. We hope this helps! 


Friday 8th  March 2019

A lovely week in Sweetpeas class as usual.


In English this week we have continued our learning on poetry. The children have fully immersed themselves into this and are loving exploring the different ways poetry can be represented. This week we explored senses poems. First we read 'The Sound Collector' and explored all of the vocabulary used to paint a picture in the readers mind. Next we decided we would do the same but rather than collecting sounds we wanted to use all of our senses to describe Dovedale Primary School. On Wednesday the children completed a senses walk around school with Mrs Norton - they described everything they could see, hear, taste, touch and smell ... it was very interesting. On Friday the children were split into challenge groups. Some children practiced writing detailed sentences describing our schools whilst the others recorded their ideas as a rhyming poem. I was blown away by some of the children's work. Below is Paige's poem called 'A day at Dovedale Primary School.'

A day at Dovedale Primary School

A girl came to school this morning

all dressed in red and white

she used all of her senses

to describe everything in sight.


She sat inside a tidy classroom

and glanced from side to side

she heard a girls voice boom

whilst others had smiled wide.


The girl walked on down the path

and then skipped towards the hall

she heard her teachers excited laugh

and noticed a large colourful wall.


Next she reached the spacious hall

spotted Mrs Houseman working hard

Inside was a game a dodge ball

and Mrs Tomlinson counting sticker cards.

Well done Paige!

In Maths we introduced the concept of fractions. We started by exploring 1/2 of different shapes, exploring the different ways we could show and represent this. Next we looked at 1/4 and some of us even explored 3/4 and a 1/3.

In PE we have been practicing street dancing. The children (and Miss Bestwick) are loving this and learning new moves weekly.

On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day by dressing up in our costumes and pjs. We had so much fun reading with our reading partners Lupin Class. In the afternoon we participated in a KS1 story time. The children had so much fun listening to three stories of their choice. Please look on our school Twitter Page and Sweetpeas Class dojo page to see regular photos and updates.


Image result for Spring wordingImage result for two


In Spring 2 we will be continuing with our topic Where will your hot air balloon take you? This time we will be working on Poetry in Literacy and in our maths we will be focusing on a variety of areas including looking at 2D and 3D shapes and recapping addition and subtraction of numbers.


In Art we will be focusing on emotions and we will be looking at an artists work to see how they created emotions in their pictures.


In topic we will be focusing on History and recapping on old and new items and objects, using our vocabulary of past and present to look at old and new toys and methods of transport.


In RE we will be focusing on inspirational people like Guru Nanak, Mohammad and Moses and during PSHE, Citizenship and British values we will be learning about respect, how diseases spread, making friends, differences and growing and reproducing.


Friday 1st March 2019

A huge welcome back to you all. I hope you had a lovely half term - I enjoyed listening to all of the things you have been up to over the break but equally loved seeing how enthusiastic the children were about being back in school. We are now at the half way point! I am not quite sure how they children are half way through year one but I am loving the journey with them.

Thank you to those who have completed the holiday homework. I was very impressed with some of the posters, models, artefacts and drawings the children brought in today. I appreciate these things can only go ahead with your support so a huge thank you from both year one teachers. Each child has been given the opportunity (should they wish to) to share their homework with the class. They spoke clearly and confidently and even earned a merit for their sticker card. If your child is yet to complete this task and wishes to do so then please return this by Friday.

Your child should have come home with a new spelling list for Spring Term 2 tonight. These spellings will start from next week. Again, thank you for your support with practicing these at home - I can tell the children have been working hard as the progress they are making with their spellings is incredible. I appreciate some children find spellings a little trickier and we have put some extra intervention groups in place to support these children. If you have any concerns about your child's spellings then please send me a message on class dojo or feel free to catch me at the end of the school day.

The children engaged with spelling shed for the last half hour of the day today and we are running a school class competition. Where possible, please encourage your child to access the games to earn points and boost their score. The children will receive merits for the following:

  • 1 merit for playing games at home (per week)
  • an extra 1 merit for the top scorer in the class (per week)
  • Extra playtime for the class out of each year group to be the top scorers.


I will check this every Friday to award the children their merits. Happy spelling!


Friday 15th February 2019

A busy but fun week at Dovedale to end Spring Term 1. My favourite part of this week is most certainly the children's enthusiasm for our class assembly. We ended our topic on the United Kingdom in style with lots of links to English, Art, Music and Geography. I was extremely proud and very impressed with how they coped with this as we surprisingly had no full run throughs. We faced many technical issues during rehearsals so Thursday was our first day it ran smoothly and successfully. Well done to your children and a huge thank you to all parents/carers for your continued support at home - we wouldn't be able to achieve things like this without your help. Many staff (including Mrs Houseman) teared up at their beautiful assembly and I noticed a few tears from you all too - we just hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

On Friday we put on a WOW afternoon to also see the end of our topic. I organised an afternoon tea full of sandwiches, crisps, cakes and even a drink of tea/juice. We were very lucky to have a surprise visit from our very own queen - Miss Gunnell. Mrs Houseman bought her over in true royal fashion and introduced her to the class. It is safe to say each and every child was hooked! Some were even unsure if it was actually Miss Gunnell which was lovely to see. A lovely afternoon finished off singing the National Anthem and a spot of country dancing!

Happy holidays! Stay safe and have lots of fun. I look forward to hearing all about the children's break when they return on Monday 25th February.


Friday 8th February 2019

Another week completed and another week closer to the half term. The children in Sweetpeas class have been very busy completing assessments in English and Maths. The children never fail to amaze me with their ‘I can do it’ attitude and their determination to succeed however this week I felt incredibly proud of all they have achieved. The term has felt very long and the children are clearly very tired but they have never once moaned. They persevered and welcomed the challenge with a positive attitude which most certainly paid off. I can see clear evidence of progression for every single child so well done to all of my Sweetpeas superstars!


in English we have continued our work on well structured sentences. During Monday’s basic skills lesson the children had so much fun acting as the teacher. I wrote sentences with purposeful mistakes - missing capital letters, finger spaces and full stops and even spelt some words incorrectly. Using detective glasses and their knowledge of writing sentences the children could all explain what was wrong and most children could accurately correct my work. This is something we will continue to practise throughout the year to ensure these basic skills are embedded and secure.


In Maths we continued exploring division. I am pleased to say this is a concept the children have thoroughly enjoyed and has been very well received from all. This week we explored division through grouping. Although this appeared a little tricky to start with, we broke the steps down further and eventually all the children managed to understand this skill. During the latter stages of the week we explored division through repeated subtraction and the children confidently solved these problems independently. I have been amazed with how well the children have coped with this concept and so next week we face a new challenge - exploring a mixture of multiplication and division problems. We will have our detective glasses at the ready to ensure we read the question carefully and look at what the questions is asking first! 


Our afternoons have been equally as lovely. During Art we added our final layer to our paper mache balloon. Luckily we didn’t have any more balloons pop this week so we are ready for these to fully dry out before we paint these in small groups. During science we have been continuing our learning outdoors, exploring the different trees and deciding which trees are deciduous and which are evergreen. The children were better at this than Miss Bestwick and Miss Gunnell. In Topic we explored anouther country in the United Kingdom by travelling up towards Scotland. We learnt the capital city, visited some famous landmarks and even looked at some traditional food (which the children didn’t fancy trying!)


on Friday we had our first practise of our class assembly which will take place on Thursday 14th February at 9.05am - parents are welcome to join us to watch their child’s showcase. The first rehearsal went very well, I was pleased with how many children have practised their lines and how many children could recall this off by heart. Please continue to practise your line at home to ensure our assembly can run as smoothly as possible on Thursday. We will continue to work hard on this next week ready to showcase our talents to the rest of the school and parents.


Have a lovely, safe weekend. Hopefully the weather improves!


See you all again next week.


Friday 1st February 2019

Yet another busy week in Sweetpeas class. The children have been introduced to the concept of division and kick started their learning by representing division as halving and sharing. Initially the children were tempted to multiply any numbers given but after a solid week of learning they are feeling much more confident with this skill. We will be moving on to division by grouping next week.


In our afternoon sessions we have continued with our topic question for this term, moving away from our learning of England and onto Northern Ireland. The children explored the capital city and visited some of the key attractions - their favourite was exploring the Titanic Belfast and learning all about this historic event. We even had some time for a spot of Irish dancing - it is safe to say it was pretty difficult and we need more practise!


In Art we got a little messy making paper mache balloons. We saw quite a few balloons pop before we successfully masked our balloons in colourful sugar paper and completed layer one. These are busy drying out ready for us to add another layer next week. 


On Tuesday the children thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Wilsthorpe for the ball skills festival. I am always impressed with the behaviour of Sweet-peas class but was delighted with the outstanding behaviours shown whilst walking their and back and participating in activities. They never once moaned despite the length of the walk or the fact it was freezing cold or that they had a later lunch. Your children are a credit to us at Dovedale. A huge thank you to the parents who volunteered to help us with this. We appreciate this was an unusual circumstance after being invited along to Wilsthorpe last minute but you all ensured this trip went ahead successfully - we could not carry out trips like these without your continued support and willingness to help out. Thank you! 


We finished the week having a quick look at our class assembly. Our assembly will take place on the 14th February at 9.05am! The children will come home early next week with a line(s) to learn for our performance. I would be extremely grateful if you could practise this line with your child.


Enjoy your weekend! 

Miss Bestwick

Friday 11th January 2019

Sweetpeas Class have had a great first week back - it almost feels like we were never away. The children have impressed myself and all the other adults in school with how quickly they have settled back into their routines after the Christmas break.


This week we welcomed two new faces into our classroom. We now have Jack as part of our bright and bubbly class and the children have loved welcome him into our classroom and school - I can already see some lovely new friendships blossoming which is always great to see. We have also welcomed Miss Bright, she is another of our class teaching assistants every morning. We have tried really hard to impress her all week and she was blown away by the children's hard-working, mature and positive attitudes as well as their kind, caring and thoughtful natures.


To kick start our learning this term we have been recapping our basic skills in English to check we haven't forgot how to use capital letters, finger spaces or full stops. Miss Bestwick was very impressed with the quality of our writing and was ecstatic to see so many children trying to perfect their presentation! In Maths we began exploring Multiplication. We turned into doubling genius's. Miss Bestwick keeps testing us on our quick recall of single-digit doubles. During our topic and science lessons we began exploring the world we live in. We floated around in our imaginary hot air balloons and looked at the United Kingdom from a birds eye view. We used this to help us identify our town, city, country and world. Whilst we were exploring the world from a distance we unpicked what we could see focusing on lakes, rivers, trees and buildings. Miss Bestwick zoomed in closer to the plants and we tried to name as many as we could. She then tested us on our knowledge of plants by encouraging us to label the different parts - she thought we were way too clever! Next week we have decided to dissect a plant to look closer at each part.



Sunday 6th January 2019

I can hardly believe the Christmas break is complete and that the children are about to come back to school already! Where did the holidays go? We hope you all had the most wonderful Christmas and we wish you the happiest and healthiest new year. A huge thank you for your kind and thoughtful gifts and cards, they were very much appreciated.


A gentle reminder that this term our PE days are on a Wednesday and Friday. Please make sure your child returns their PE bag with the appropriate named clothing and shoes.


Spelling tests will continue on a Tuesday afternoon. A new list was sent home before the children broke up but if you require a new list please just ask! You can also find the document in the spellings section of our class webpage.


Image result for spring

For Spring term our topic question is ...

' Where will your hot air balloon take you? '


Image result for curious george hot air balloon


We will be exploring the book Curious George and the hot air balloon to begin with, looking at reciting and changing the story to develop our writing skills. We will also be looking at poetry this half term, finding rhyming words and trying to write our own. In art and DT we will be creating hot air balloons using repeating patterns, creating a paper bag hot air balloon and making a paper mache hot air balloon and learning about primary colours to decorate it. We will be exploring this further in our science where we will be learning to save an egg by testing which sized parachute is the best to stop the egg from breaking. We will also be looking at plants we can see on our travels, labelling the basic structure of a flowering plant and recognising the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees. 


In Maths we will be looking at consolidating our addition and subtraction skills,  beginning to try multiplication and division and finishing the term looking at simple fractions of shapes. 


In RE we will be looking at the Jewish religion of Judaism. We will be learning about their beliefs and celebrations and things that are special to their religion and our own beliefs. 


Autumn term weekly updates:

Friday 14th December 2018

Wow, what a busy but fantastic week in sweet pea class. The children were all super excited to participate in our KS1 Christmas nativity to parents and they all performed with a huge smile on their face, used loud and clear singing voices and even had some very interesting dance moves. The children worked extremely hard on this production and have spent many hours learning the words to our very tricky songs. All of the Key Stage One team were exceptionally proud of the children and we hoped you thoroughly enjoyed coming to watch your child in their show - a very proud moment for all!

I can hardly believe we are almost at the end of the first full term. Each and every child in Sweet pea class have flourished and their 'I can do it' attitude has enabled them to achieve great things. I am very much looking forward to our Christmas party on Wednesday 19th December to celebrate a wonderful first full term! Remember your child can dress in their party clothes and/or Christmas clothes on Wednesday and are welcome to bring some party food for the afternoon.


Friday 7th December 2018

A lovely week in Year One and yet again all of the children have made me extremely proud with their impeccable manners and exceptional behaviour both inside and outside of school. All week the children have tried very hard to piece together their Christmas nativity and have listened carefully to any instructions given. We appreciate this is a very difficult time for year ones as they have to be patient whilst the year twos perfect their lines but the children have sat patiently and impressed every staff member in our team. Everyday adults around the school have commented on their positive and mature attitude which is always a very proud moment for me as their teacher but is also testament to your continued support.


This week we have had our first costume fitting for our Christmas nativity and they all look incredible - they almost looked like real life little shining stars. I know when you come to watch our performance next week they will took tremendous and there won't be a dry eye in the audience!

On Friday, the children went on a trip to our Local church - St Mary's in Sawley. Again, the children's behaviour was outstanding and the church commented on what wonderful children we have here at Dovedale. Whilst we were at the church we listened to the Christmas story, acted it out with the helpers and even completed a Christmas craft. The church very kindly gave us our very own glittery angel and chocolate coin which was delicious! Keep your eyes peeled for some photos of our trip very soon!


Friday 16th November 2018

As usual, another busy week in our Year One classroom. In Literacy the children have been learning the story of Little Red Riding Rood and following instructions to help place the characters in different parts of the woods. The children have been so engaged with their learning on instructions and are becoming ‘bossy verb’ experts. They love using simple, clear instructions to boss each other around. In Maths, the children have continued their learning on number bonds – most children are confident with their number bonds to 10 but we are continuing to work on quick recall of their number bond facts to 20.


This week the children have enjoyed continuing their learning for the Christmas production and are eager to join forces with Year 2 to piece our performance together. This week the children will have brought a copy of their song words home. We appreciate that this is difficult to practise at home without the backing track however if you could support your child with repeating the words after you we would be grateful – I am pretty sure they’ll have the songs stuck in your head by the end of the week too!


A final message to say well done to those children who received their flu vaccination on Tuesday. All of the Sweetpeas were very brave and tackled their worries with a smile.


Friday 9th November 2018

A huge welcome back to all children in the Sweetpeas class. I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing all about the weird and wonderful adventures you got up to over the half term and I hope you all enjoyed the break with your child. The children have impressed me again with how quickly they have settled back into school routine and life but was equally amazed by just how much I noticed they had grown in the space of a week!!


Christmas is creeping slowly upon us and in school the excitement and chaos is building up quickly. This year our Key Stage 1 nativity is called ‘The INN-spectors’ and all children in our class will form part of the Christmas choir. The children have taken this in their stride and are thoroughly enjoying learning the songs for our production. A letter will be coming home on Thursday 15th November stating our performance dates and explaining how to get tickets for the production – please feel free to ask if you are unsure.


Amongst the Christmas madness, we have continued to learn lots of new things. In English, the children have started to learn about instructions, by following a simple set of instructions and unpicking the key features. On Wednesday we were very lucky to make jam sandwiches but Mrs Norton made us follow the instructions step by step!! In Maths, we have been consolidating our learning on addition by using concrete materials and pictorial representations.


Friday 26th October 2018

The end of the term is finally upon us and what long eight weeks it has been. Everyday I feel very proud of how far the children in Sweetpeas class have come. All the children have taken the changes from Reception to Year One in their stride and although some initially found this difficult have overcome the obstacle well. Each child has amazed me with their ‘I can do it!’ attitude and I am certain this will continue into Autumn Term 2.


All of the Key Stage One team are wishing you and your child a happy and healthy half term and we look forward to hearing all about your adventures when you return. Stay safe and have fun!


Friday 12th October 2018

In Literacy this week we have been introduced to the story of Peter Pan. We loved editing the story of ‘The Little Mermaid’ that we decided to change more in this story too. We changed the setting from a Nursery to a haunted house and we changed the character of Captain Hook into a creepy alien. We had so much fun designing the new character and setting – working out exactly how they should look. On Monday we were super excited to receive a voice message from Peter Pan with a message asking for our help.


Friday 5th October 2018

As usual another busy but productive week with the lovely Sweetpeas. This week in English we have continued our learning on the Little Mermaid but this week we have become experts in editing a text. As a class we decided to change our main character to a boy, which we have now named ‘The Little Merman.’ We have used talking stories to help us remember the story using our new character and we are beginning to use our talking stories to rewrite a new version ourselves. Our characters from our English lessons (Ariel and Scuttle) also transported into our Mathematics learning. They hid objects within a cave which meant we had to use our addition and subtraction skills to count how many are left or how many they had altogether. This has really helped us with our number bonds to 10 and we will continue to consolidate this learning throughout the term.


In our foundation subjects we have also been extremely busy. In Science we created our very own potions using bicarbonate soda, vinegar and food colouring. The children poured some bicarbonate of soda into a balloon, whilst they poured vinegar in to a bottle. The children then watched the two ingredients react when they connected the balloon to the bottle. Everyone was amazed that the two ingredients caused a fizz which inflated the balloon. We had a competition to see which balloon would inflate the biggest – Miss Bestwick lost!


Friday 28th September 2018

Yet another eventful week! This week saw the children complete their story of Aladdin. Everyone worked so hard to use all the information we had read, along with exciting vocabulary and our basic writing skills and Miss Bestwick was very impressed with our writing. We even shared some of our work with Mrs Houseman who could hardly believe we were only Year One. In maths the children have used numicon to explore making ten. The children explored the different combination and bonds to 10 and we began writing these as number sentences. Our next step is to learn these through quick recall.


This week we enjoyed lots of physical activity. We worked so hard to complete our fitness tests with Derby Uni and showcase our many talents. The children completed a carousal of activities involving stretching, strength, direction and speed. We also checked how tall we are too. On Friday we celebrated ‘Stand up for Derbyshire’ day which meant that 50% of our day had to be active. We started the morning with a danceathon during assembly, our literacy lesson turned into some drama and acting and then we joined with Mrs Tomlinson’s class to complete the mile a day. Mrs Tomlinson said we were much better and fitter than Miss Bestwick! We then ended our day with some fun parachute games.


Friday 21st September 2018:

Wow! What a week. Yet again all of the children in Sweetpeas class have accepted any challenges with a mature and enthusiastic attitude. The children are starting to notice that our classroom has a culture where mistakes are welcomed as it enables us to move our learning forward. Miss Bestwick has taught us that as long as we try our best and keep pushing ourselves then we are capable of anything we set our hearts and minds to! This is really showing in our Year One work. Miss Bestwick wasn't sure if we were children or authors in Literacy. Please keep your eyes on our webpage as we are very excited to share some of our writing with you.

In Maths we became counting superstars! We have practised counting in multiples of 2s using concrete resources, pictorial representations and our mental maths skills. We had so much fun on Thursday playing a range of games to consolidate our skills - we accessed counting in 2s dot to dots, mazes and board games to help us remember the pattern - we were much better counters than Miss Bestwick!!


Friday 14th September 2018:

All of the children in Sweetpeas class have made a positive start to their journey in Year One. This week the children were introduced to a more structured timetable which saw less time for independent play and choosing and more formal whole-class lessons. Although the children were not sure about this initially, each and every child took this in their stride and rose to the challenge.


In our literacy lessons we explored Pie Corbett's approach to writing which we call talking stories. On Monday, we were introduced to the story of Aladdin and we added our own actions to help us recite the story off by heart. On Tuesday we sequenced the story and added key words as captions and during Friday's big write we all wrote the beginning of the story. Miss Bestwick was so impressed with our stories she let some of us share our wonderful work with Miss Standring - who was extremely proud of us!

In Maths we continued our place value work where we were familiarising ourselves with counting forwards and backwards. We did so well that Miss Bestwick challenged us to finding one more or less than a given number - she was blown away by our mental maths skills!


Friday 7th September 2018:

A big welcome back to all of the children in Sweetpeas class and a huge congratulations to every child for coming to school with a beaming smile and a positive attitude. All members of our Sweetpea class welcomed the challenge of Year 1 and amazed me with how well they coped with the transition from Reception. I have thoroughly enjoyed working closely with the children, getting to know them and learning all about their summer adventures. It sounds like you all had a busy but fun break! I am looking forward to starting our first full week on Monday - well done Sweetpeas.


Our topic question for Autumn term is:


Up a beanstalk or under the sea,

where would you live and who would you be?


During the first half of the Autumn term we will engage with and explore a range of Disney Stories within all of our subjects. We will be focusing on the story of Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan. Within our Literacy lessons we will be using Pie Corbett's talking for writing approach - this will help us to imitate familiar stories, innovate them by changing characters and settings and completely invent our own stories. In our Maths lessons our focus will be on consolidating our basic number skills through exploring place value. In these sessions we will continue to practise our counting skills (forward and backwards) to 100 in different multiples before progressing on to adding numbers together.


During the second part of the term, the children will be focusing on more traditional tales – some with a twist! We will continue to use the talk for writing approach to scaffold our writing and aid us with our independent writes.






In Sweetpeas Class we are always trying to be the very best versions of ourselves. We love working hard and dreaming big. The children below have impressed Miss Bestwick and any other adults in our class and have received recognition during our ‘well done’ assemblies.


A huge congratulations to:

  • Lois
  • Myla
  • Jessica
  • Nevaeh
  • Frankie
  • Paige
  • Faith
  • Darcey
  • Warren
  • Lillymae
  • Ethan
  • Jack
  • Daniel
  • Mason
  • Angus
  • Savannah


Important notices:

Reading books

Reading books are changed on a weekly basis. If your child is reading regularly at home, I am very happy to change their book more often. The children will need to leave their reading book and reading diary on my desk first thing in the morning. This will give me enough time to change their book during the day. Please could you write a little note in their diary asking for books to be changed so I know they have definitely finished and remind them in a morning to hand their diary and book in.



This year, spellings will run differently to the tests in reception. Spellings in Year 1 are linked to the high frequency and tricky words to aid them with their spelling. At the beginning of the Autumn Term (Week 3) children will be given a spelling booklet which will have thirty words to learn during the term. Each week we will choose ten words at random to test your child on. To support you with your learning at home, we would suggest you chose a few words each week to perfect rather than tackling the whole list. Although we cannot guarantee those words will come up, it is likely that some or most will. Spelling tests will take place on a Tuesday afternoon and will be completed informally as part of our daily classroom learning.




During Spring Term our focus on homework will involve regular reading of the child's reading book as well as learning any high frequency words. If your child has received any new high frequency words these will be stapled into the child's reading record. Your child will also benefit from practising a few spellings per week from the spelling booklet we provide. Once the children have settled in to Year 1 life we will introduce MyMaths homework which can be completed on a laptop or computer. Each child will be given a login for this website but please feel free to ask for another if this is ever misplaced!



This year we will have two P.E lessons a week. Our Outdoor P.E session is on a Tuesday afternoon and our Indoor P.E is on a Friday afternoon. Please could you make sure your child has now returned their PE kit after the summer break. It would be helpful if all PE kit could be labelled to prevent any confusion between children. PE bags will be sent home at the end of every half term



Dates for your diary:

Tuesday 11th September 2018 - Meet the teacher 3.30pm onwards.

Friday 26th October 2018 - Inset Day.

Tuesday 12th November 2018 - Flu vaccinations and odd sock day.

Friday 16th November 2018 - Children in need - wear spots.

Wednesday 5th December 2018 - Parents Evening.

Tuesday 11th December 2018 - Christmas production to parents (2.00pm)

Wednesday 12th December 2018 - Christmas production to parents (9.30am)

Thursday 13th December 2018 - Christmas production to parents (2.00pm)

Friday 14th December 2018 - Christmas jumper day and infant pantomime.

Friday 21st December 2018 - Last day of term.

Thursday 14th February 2019 - Sweetpeas Class Assembly (9.05 onwards)