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We have 24 children in Rose Class. This year we hope to grow our rose buds into well-developed rose plants!

Our class has two teachers (the gardeners) who share the week as follows:

Mrs Robinson- Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Mrs Biddles- Thursday and Friday

We also have two teaching assistants (the assistant gardeners): Mrs Homer and Mrs Henson


Our PE day will now always be on a Tuesday. This will include alternating indoor and outdoor PE.

Wednesday is our favourite day of the week as we always go on a Welly Walk.

What a great first day we had! We were very proud of how well the children came to sit on the carpet, engaged in self-chosen activities and began to make new friends.


WOW!!! We can’t believe the children have been at school for an entire month… and what a busy month it has been! The children have jelled extremely well and friendships are certainly forming in Rose class. The children have made huge progress in adapting to school life and have taken everything into their stride. The children have worked hard to show us all they know during our baseline assessments and this week we are looking forward to starting our more structured learning with adult-led indoor and outdoor focused activities that all children access throughout the week. Today has been a fantastic start to this new structure. Children have accessed the ‘challenge table’ (which is where the focused activity is set up) without being asked by the teacher to do so. We definitely have some natural learners in Rose class and we look forward to the exciting year together we have ahead of us.


For the first few weeks children will be completing a range of activities which enable us to identify their current knowledge and understanding before more formal teaching commences. The children will also be finding out about our school rules and routines.


Following the baseline our first topic is:


The topic questions we hope to answer are:

What makes a SUPERHERO?

What make me SUPER?

Why is my friend SUPER?


The topic will focus on learning about different superheroes and what their super powers are, understanding that not all superheroes wear capes and that there are people in our world whom are real life superheroes such as doctors, nurses, police officers, fire fighters and even teachers! We are learning about each other and that there are things that make us unique from others and that’s what makes us SUPER.

We know the children will love this topic as many of them have a huge interest in Superheroes.


We are very excited for our SUPERHERO DAY on Monday 22ndOctober.

Our Topic after the October half term holiday is:

Followed by our favourite topic of all:

*Details to be confirmed*


* Coming Soon *

Picture 1