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Mount Everest

Welcome to Mount Everest!

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We are a class of 30 year one children. Our teacher is Miss Martin. Mrs Stirling is also working in our class as she is training to be a teacher. Ms Gunnel and Mrs White are our teaching assistants. Mrs Norton teaches our class on a Wednesday afternoon and all day on a Friday.


Important dates and messages.


Friday 20th July - Last day of term.


School Council

This year our councillors are Jack S and Bella. They will be representing our class on the school council to make some important decisions to improve school life for the children. Bella and Jack have already attended monthly meetings. They then discuss the meetings with the class and share our thoughts and ideas at future meetings.



Spellings and Phonics.

Phonics will continue to take place in year one, we are working through a combination of phases three four and five through differentiated groups with year 2. Phonics take place on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. 

Spellings this year are linked to phonics and the sounds the children are working on in their ability groups. The children will have 10 spellings to learn on a weekly basis. Spellings will be sent home on a Tuesday and we will have an informal test in class the following week. New spellings will be stuck into the children's red spellings books. Please ensure these are in children's book bags on a Tuesday.  Thank you.


There is a link in the homework section to the weekly spellings.



Each week the children will be heard reading once in school. We will test them on their high frequency words and if they are ready, give them new words. Generally, children will be given six new words at a time.

We will also change their reading book if they are ready for a new one.  Reading remains an important part of the children’s learning and we do ask that children read as often as is possible at home. We will check their reading diaries on a Thursday and where children have read at home on three or more occasions during the previous week reward the children with 5 house points.



During this term the children will have their reading book / HF words and weekly spellings to learn. We will occasionally send a piece of ‘Mymaths’ homework home but this will not be every week by any means. 



Children will take part in two PE lessons each week. One indoors and one outdoors.

Indoor PE is on a Monday morning and outdoor games will be on a Thursday afternoon.

PE kits need to be in school all the time. We will send then home at the end of each term for a wash. Children need plain black shorts and a white t-shirt for indoor PE and a plain navy or black tracksuit and trainers for outdoor games.  Please can we ask that ALL items of PE kit are clearly named? It is amazing how the children manage to mix up and loose their PE kits! If they are clearly named then we can hopefully, easily rectify and find any lost clothes!


Forest Schools

During the first half of the summer term we will be taking part in Forest Schools with Miss Barratt. This is a very exciting part of the curriculum that involves learning in the outdoor area. Under safe and supervised conditions the children will be building a den, lighting  fire and toasting Marshmallows to name just a few of the activities.


Information about our topic and curriculum.

Now we are in year one our timetable is more structured. We do literacy and maths everyday as well as subjects such as science, history, geography, art, DT, RE, PSHE and music.


Our topic question for the summer term is....

Which creature would make the best pet?


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We spent the first half term finding out about dinosaurs, this term we are looking at animals on a wider scale - pets, zoo animals, farm animals and animals that are now classed as endangered species. 

The highlight of this terms topic is our trip to the Yorkshire wildlife park on Wednesday 27th June.


Click on the link below to explore the website.


In literacy we will be developing the children's writing skills through GAPS, spellings, phonics, special thoughts writing and developing their basic poetry and story writing skills. During the week beginning Monday 11th June the children will be doing the year one phonics screening assessment.


In maths we will be focusing on our shape, space and measure work for the first few weeks. We will then be looking at skills such as number bonds to 20, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, odd and even numbers.


Our Photo Gallery.

Click the files to see our photos!


Our winter walk


Friday 20th July.

Well the last day of term has arrived after a wonderful year. It has been an absolute privilege to teach the children for the past two years and watch them grow into confident individual's from when they first started school at the age of 4, some of them were only 3 were they first came for their visit to school! I think our celebration event at West Park on Tuesday was a fitting celebration and a lovely way to end the year.

Thank you to everyone for all your support over the past two years, I hope you all have a lovely summer holiday and I am very much looking forward to seeing the children in September when they return to school for the next stage of their academic journey.


Week 37 - Monday 2nd - Friday 6th July.

What a busy, action packed but fun week we have had as part of the whole school festival week. We began on Monday morning by watching the finals of Dovedale's got talent where we enjoyed watching children sing, dance, play the piano and perform gymnastics. We were all very proud of Robert who performed 'Hermon the worm.' In the afternoon we were entertained by the year five and six children as they performed their end of year play 'Porridge.'

On Tuesday we had art day where we used natural resources to retell our dreams. We made dream strips by drawing a series of pictures, painted our dream as a whole story on a plate and made dream catchers using sticks, stones, leaves, feathers etc. At the end of the day we enjoyed sharing our work with our reading partners; we were very impressed with their clay creations. On Thursday we had great fun talking part in the key stage one world cup day; we went into each class to work with Mrs Tomlinson, Mrs Stirling, Mrs Norton and Miss Hardaker to find out about different countries taking part in the world cup. We visited Mexico where we ate Mexican food, Russia where we learnt to do Russian dancing, France where we made the Eiffel Tower from straws and ate 'Sweet Sushi in Japan!

On Friday morning we all took part in sports day racing for our houses, we all had great fun. In the afternoon we had a rest in the classroom before enjoying the summer fair.


Week 36 - Monday 25th - Friday 29th June.

The highlight of our week is definitely our trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife park on Wednesday. The children were impeccably well behaved and were a credit to school and their families. We had a wonderful day walking round the park looking for the different animals, the polar bear entertained us by splashing around in the water trying to crawl through a plastic tube. The baboons made us laugh as they were playing with each other and rolling down the hill - we wanted them to roll into the water but they managed to stop just in time! After lunch we went in the school room where we help a massive cockroach, a giant African snail and a very large snake called cornflake. Here are some photos of us at the Wildlife park.


Week 35 - Monday 18th - Friday 22nd June.

Another fantastic week in Mount Everest class. On Tuesday Mrs Houseman joined us for our literacy lesson and on Wednesday afternoon Mrs Tomlinson taught the class for the afternoon, both said how grown up, sensible, well behaved and hard working all the children were - this made me very proud of them all.

We have enjoyed reading the story The Enormous Crocodile this week and begin to think of ways we could change the story by thinking of new tricks the crocodile could play. In maths we have been looking at creating repeating patterns using shapes and numbers. The children have enjoyed this and worked hard to think of their own patterns using shapes, colours and numbers.

Thank you to everyone who sent in coins for the Cash for Kids charity day. We had fun drawing round Jack and then filling him in with all the 1p and 2p coins.


Week 34 - Monday 11th June - Friday 15th June.

We have had another action packed week in Mount Everest class. We are all ready for World Cup Fever with our class sweep stake, over the next few weeks we will be keep a log of the scores from all the matches. The winner and runner up in our class will receive a prize.

In literacy the children have been continuing to  develop  their own Tiger who came to tea stories - I m very glad I don't have any animals visiting my house for tea!

In maths we have been developing skills linked to time, all the children can now confidently use o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. I have been very impressed with how hard the children have worked and enjoyed listening to them talking to each other about what time play time, lunch time and home time is! In topic the children had great fun researching 'world records' based on pets and sequencing them in date order. We discovered one dog has a tongue 13cm long, a bull has horns that are so wide we wouldn't be able to wrap ourselves around them and a cat who managed to jump six feet!


Week 33  - Monday 4th June  - Friday 8th June

This week we have begin reading the story 'The Tiger who came to tea.' The children have been retelling the story in small groups to each other and then been making up their own versions by changing the animal who visits their house! We had mice, foxes, hedgehogs, owls, dragons and a werewolf visiting!

In maths the children have been consolidating their money skills and have been learning how to give change. In our topic and science work we have been finding out about different groups of animals.

The children can give descriptions of fish, amphibians, retiles, mammals and birds.


Week 32 - Monday 21st - Thursday 24th May.

Another week has flown by in Mount Everest class! As always the children have been wonderful. In literacy we have been consolidating skills linked to our phonics and SPAG work. we have done a couple of informal assessments in class, all the children did wonderfully well and I am very proud of their achievements. In maths we have been looking at money, the children have been leaning to recognising and name coins and notes and identifying them by their features - i.e which coins are bronze? which have curved sides etc. Later in the week the children have been role[playing being a shop keeper as well as making a set amount in different ways.

In topic and science the children have been looking at the most dangerous dinosaurs and their 'deadly' features. They children then asked each other questions to find out who liked which dinosaur and plotted this in the form of a tally chart and block graph.

Despite all this hard work we have still found time for indoor and outdoor PE where we have enjoyed playing team games and practising our throwing and catching skills.


Have a lovely half term Mount Everest class and I will look forward to hearing all your holiday news when we are back at school.

Week 31 - Monday 14th - Friday 18th May.

This week we have had fun in our maths lessons finding out about weighing objects and using capacity to say how full different containers are. Here we are having fun in our maths lesson on Thursday.

This week we have had our last forest schools, today, for our last session we built a camp fire and then toasted marshmallows and pancakes! we all had great fun.


In literacy we have been thinking about how we could convince adult that having a dinosaur as a pet would be a good idea!  Ideas included:-

It would scare robbers away.

It could eat my food if I don't like it.

It could be my friend.


Well done Mount Everest class, another wonderful week.


Week 30 - Tuesday 8th - Friday 11th May.

Another busy and exciting week has flown by in Mount Everest class. I was a bit concerned about coming back to school on Tuesday morning  in case our T-Rex had decide to misbehave over the long weekend. 

Luckily he had learnt his lesson last week and we found him sat 'bonding' with the parrot in our role play, then, on Wednesday he decided to sit quietly on top of the reading den and read a book. We were all very relived! As part of our literacy work the children have been learning how to write instructions on how to care for a pet dinosaur. We decided they need lots to eat - plants if it is a herbivore or meat if it is a carnivore. In maths the children have moved their knowledge of addition and subtraction on to find the missing numbers from a number sentence to ensure the sum totals the given answer.

In topic, we looked at all the dinosaurs that once lived on our planet and when they lived. we then ordered them using a time line. In science we took delivery of 10 dinosaur eggs - all made of ice and each egg had a different baby dinosaur hiding inside them. Last week the children had thought of different ways to extract the dinosaurs in the quickest amount of time. Owls used tinfoil, badgers used warm water, hedgehogs used rock salt, moles used sugar and foxes used tools to scrap away the ice. All groups managed to free their dinosaurs but badgers won the challenge of freeing their dinosaur first.

The children had another fun afternoon at forest schools where they built dens, rope sings, made trials and played different team games.



Week 29 - Monday 30th April - Friday 4th May.

We have had another exciting week this week, each day we have been closely watching our dinosaur egg for further developments. When we left school on Thursday his head and tummy were sticking out the egg, however, when re returned to school on morning a series incident has happened over night. The egg had hatched but ... a very naught dinosaur has hatched and over night has made a mess in our classroom! He has tipped over tables and chairs, been painting and left paint all over badgers tables, thrown books around the classroom and generally made a right mess.  We found him hiding on top of the interactive white board but during assembly he knocked over another chair and hid in a different place! We eventually found his sleeping on top of Miss Martin's shelf.

 In topic we have been looking more closely at fossils - we had found a fossil that we believed belonged to an insect - it took some extracting but eventual we extracted a rather ugly looking beetle.


Forest schools was great fun, the children enjoyed building dens and making some rather strange potions and food - Isabelle made me a delicious macaroni cheese from mud, grass, water and worms!!



An update on our dinosaur egg - Monday 30th April.

Over the weekend the head of a triceratops has hatched out the egg - he is looking rather big and fierce.


Week 28 - Monday 23rd - Friday 27th April.

What an exciting week we have had in Mount Everest class! As always, the children have been superstars, I was very proud of them as they all performed with such confidence in our class assembly on Thursday.


On Monday we found a dinosaur egg - this is now sat in a special bowl at the back of our classroom waiting to hatch! Cracks have started to appear so we are waiting with greqt excitement to see what hatches out of it!


In literacy we have been developing our writing skills by learning how to add a problem to a story to add detail and make it more exciting. We are also working on our basic skills such as forming our letters correctly, using clear finger spaces, writing on the lines and using capital letter, full stops and exclamation marks. In maths we have been practising our addition and subtraction work by adding or subtracting three numbers as well as trying to find the missing number from a number sentence to make a given answer or total. In topic and science the children have been developing their knowledge of dinosaurs by finding out about how and when dinosaurs  became extinct and making their own fossils.


The children also had great fun at forest schools on Thursday afternoon making sculptures and playing blind fold games.


Week 27 - Monday 16th - Friday 20th April.


Another week has flown by. Each week seems to get faster and faster and the children seem to be growing up by the week too.  Year two is now not that far away, the children are definitely getting ready for a new challenge in their educational journey!

This week we have been consolidating our factions work from last week as well as extending this to 1/4 and 3/4. we have set a my maths activity for the children to show you just how much they know.

In literacy we have been reading the story 'Dinosaurs Galore' using the ideas in the story the children planned their own stories by thinking about the characters and the setting. They then went on to write their own adventure story. The focus in our writing at the moment is to try and use different sentence openers such as One day, a long time ago, first, next, after that, last of all etc. as well as similes and adjectives to try and add more detail to their writing.

In our topic and science work we have been deepening our knowledge of dinosaurs - the children have been teaching both Mrs Stirling and myself how to say the names of the many different dinosaurs while they have been learning how to classify them! We aren't giving much more away as this would spoil the surprise on Thursday when we present our class assembly to you. The children are very excited about this and very much looking forward to you all coming to watch them.

Forest schools this week was much drier and but still very muddy. The children had great fun making a trail where they buried a cuddly toy at the end of it. They then had to follow each others trails to find the cuddly toy!


Week 26 - Monday 9th - Friday 13th April.

We have had a very busy first week back with lots of hard work but also Scootability and Forest schools.

The children have all worked hard in literacy writing facts about dinosaurs using adjectives and similes to describe them, they also did some wonderful writing in special thoughts on Monday to write a recount of their Easter holiday. In Maths we have been learning about fractions by finding and making a 1/4 and 1/2 of a given shape. All the children have worked really hard to learn this tricky concept.

In topic and science we have started our topic 'Which creature makes the best pet.' We have shared the children's holiday homework, looked at which dinosaurs are herbivores, carnivores or omnivores and talked about the prehistoric times when dinosaurs lived. We will be sharing what we have learnt so far in our class assembly.

Scootability was good fun, the children had to ride their scooters through different obstacles and learnt about road safety. The children all loved Forest Schools, due to the heavy rain we have had recently our forest schools area in currently under a lot of water! The children enjoyed playing hide and seek games, collecting natural objects to create pictures and playing in the large puddles!!


Thank you to everyone who came to parents evening on Wednesday night.



Week 25 - Monday 19th - Friday 23rd March.

We have had a fun last week of the Spring term. The highlight being the Easter bonnet parade on Thursday afternoon. The children looked wonderful in the hats and I was very impressed with all them all.

Well done to Jensen who was the overall winner in our class.



We introduced the new topic to the children this week by reading the poem 'Wayne the Stegosaurus.'

The children designed and named their own dinosaur and then wrote a story about his or her adventures!

The children's work is on display in our classroom and looks very impressive.


The children were thrilled to see Mrs Stirling on Friday as she is now back with us for the summer term.

Well done children, you have all had another wonderful term and made lots of progress. Have a wonderful Easter holiday - remember to have lots of fun and eat lots of Easter eggs! I am looking forward to hearing all your news when we return to school on Monday 9th April.


Week 24 - Monday 12th  - Friday 16th March.

We have had another exciting but busy week in Mount Everest class. On Monday we had a dance off competition between the four houses to see who was the best at Street Dancing - this was a very hard competition to judge as all the children were fantastic - in the end everyone was deemed a winner and they all earned themselves five house points.

In literacy we have been looking at similes - they have been comparing an object to something else - their ideas were fantastic and include 'I sing like a beautiful bird; I run as fast as cheetah, I am brave like a big lion.

In maths we have been discussing and looking at height - we have had fun ordering ourselves in order of height, finding objects in the classroom that are taller or shorter than us.


In science we set up an experiment to see if we could change the colour of white flowers - at the moment nothing seems to have happened - we are hoping for some results over the weekend!

In our topic work we have been looking at transport from the past and transport for the future - the children were not very keen at the thought of travelling by horse and carriage with no roof over their heads.

They then designed a vehicle for the future - I think if some of their designs are made we would all be travelling round the world very fast!


Week 23 - Monday 5th  - Friday 9th March.

Another week has flown by, we all enjoyed our World Book day on Thursday. The children looked great in their different book character outfits and very cosy and relaxed in their pyjamas. During the day the children enjoyed being authors by writing their own books.

In maths we have been looking at and using positional language to describe where objects are or give directions from one place to another.


Our science experiment from last week went well but we were a little bit surprised with the results! To our surprise the cress that grew the most was the one that we hid in a dark cupboard! However, it wasn't as healthy as the cress that had lots of light which, while is didn't;t grow as tall was a dark green colour rather than yellow!


Week 22 - Monday 26th  - Friday 2nd March.

I hope you have all enjoyed your 'two snow days.' I am looking forward to hearing what you have been doing when we return to school on Monday. I hope you have all had lots of fun!


Despite only being at school for three days we still seemed to fit in a lot of work. The children's knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes was fantastic. In literacy the children had done some wonderful writing about their half term holiday and are now all using capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and adjectives. We have also talked about using time conjunctions and different sentence openers to make our writing even more exciting. In our literacy lesson on Tuesday and Wednesday we were looking at adjectives and similes. The children came up with some wonderful ideas of comparing an object while still using an adjective; some of their ideas included; The snow leopard was as white as the icy snow, the red car moved as slowly as an old snail! In our science lesson we set up an experiment to see if a seed would germinate and grow with either lots of sun light, a bit of sun light or no sunlight. We will have to see what has happened while we have all been off school - we will let you know in our blog next week!


Week 21 - Monday 12th - Friday 16th February.

Well we have now reached the end of spring term 1 and are half way through the school year!

This week we have celebrated Chinese New Year by finding out about Chinese traditions, tasting Chinese food and retelling the story of Chinese New Year by sequencing pictures.

There are some photos of the children doing the different activities in the photo gallery section of our webpage.


In maths we have consolidated our work on counting in 2's, 3's, 5's and 10's. The children have worked really hard to develop their skills in this key area. In science we have been learning about plants and trees, the children can confidently name key parts of a plant as well as their features, for example, they know that the roots drink the water that helps the plant to grow.

We looked at the difference between common garden plants / flowers and those that grow in the wild as well as how some plants and flowers in the wild grow due to transportation!


Have a wonderful half term Mount Everest - you all deserve a fun week off school. I will look forward to hearing all your exciting news when we are back at school.



Week 20 - Monday 5th - Friday 9th February.

Another week has flown by and we now only have one week left of the first half of the spring term. 

The children have been working hard in maths by developing their skills in counting on and back from any number in 2's, 5's and 10's. We have set a 'My maths' homework task this week to consolidate this work. This is due to be completed for Monday 26th February.

In literacy we have read the story 'Big Bad Wolf is Good' this is a twist on the story of The Three Little Pigs where, rather than try to eat the pigs the wolf wants to help safe the baby chicken - sadly no one trusts his and sends him away! In our topic work we have been on our final journey around the United Kingdom where we visited the capital of Wales - Cardiff. The children were not too sure about the seaweed soup and we all struggled to say the name of the longest town in Wales - Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwlllantysilliogogogoch!

In our art and DT lessons the children have completed the final layer of paper mache - next week they will be adding the finishing touches of the basket. They will be bringing their creations home very soon.

We have also done several assessments this week in maths, reading and SPAG. All the children have done exceptionally well and shows the wonderful progress they have made this year.


Making our paper mache balloons


Week 19 - Monday 29th January - Friday 2nd February.

Where is the term going - it seems hard to believe we are already at the end of week 4 and only have two weeks left of this term! This week we have said good bye to Mrs Stirling as she leaves us to do her second teaching practice in a year four class at another school. We will all miss Mrs Stirling but are looking forward to her coming back to join us just before the Easter holidays.

On Monday we travelled to Edinburgh in our hot air balloons to find out about the capital of Scotland, we listened to people playing the bagpipes, looked for Nessie the Loch Ness monster and designed our own tartan - the children enjoyed trying on the tie made from 'the Stirling family' tartan.


In maths the children have consolidated their skills on division by using number lines and grouping objects.

In literacy the children amaze me each week with their writing - this week they have been using adjectives, capital letters, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks.

We enjoyed our science lesson where we found out about different tress. We had a lovely time exploring the school grounds to see which trees we could name and find.

Our paper mache hot air balloons are coming on really well - we will put some pictures on our webpage once they are finished.


Well done Mount Everest class - another fantastic week. You are all growing up so fast.

Week 18 - Monday 22nd - Friday 26th January.

The children have had another busy week in school. They have amazed me with the mathematical skills this week.  Our focus has been 'division' - all the children have done fantastically well.

In literacy the children have been thinking of their own ideas for an adventure story. On Wednesday they worked with Mrs Stirling to think of different settings and the sights they might see as well as the smells they may come across. The next job is for them to write a story!

This week we flew to Ireland in our hot air balloons where we explored Belfast and the Titanic museum!

In Art and Dt the children had great fun making paper mache balloon which they will eventually be turning into their own hot air balloons. There are some pictures of this lesson in the photo section further down the page.


Week 17 - Monday 15th - Friday 19th January.

Another fun week has flown by in Mount Everest week. In maths we have been consolidating our work on multiplication using the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. The children have really impressed me with how well they have worked and their understanding. We ended this work by making objects and grouping them to make a multiplication sum using play dough!

In literacy we have been working on our sounds in phonics, practising our letter formation in handwriting with a particular focus on p, b and h. In our main literacy lessons we have been developing our story writing by reading and retelling the story 'The Magic Key.'

Our favourite lesson this week has to be our science work - the children had an egg that they had to drop from a certain height - the objective was to create something that would help prevent the egg from breaking and then test it out!! The children had some wonderful ideas that they put to the test. Unfortunately, not many eggs survived and at one point we had a pile of over 30 smashed eggs in the middle of our classroom!  The children have learnt to make predictions, learnt what a fair test is and thought of ways they could improve on this experiment if they are to do it again.

In our topic work we have been finding out about London - the capital of England. The children visited the main sight seeing places on google maps and then wrote about where they would actually like to visit.


Well done Mount Everest class - another wonderful, fun but hard working week.


Week 15 and 16 - Thursday 4th - Friday 12th January.

The children came back to school very happily after the Christmas holidays and quickly settled back into the routine of school. By the end of the first day back they had done two pieces of writing - one about their Christmas holiday and another linked to our new topic 'Where would your hot air balloon take you?'  They also completed a piece of maths work on multiplication and painted their own hot air balloon for our topic display!

During this week we have been working on multiplication skills in maths - looking at arrays of 2's and 5's as simple multiplication and addition facts.  The children have worked really hard on this skills. We will shortly be setting a piece of my maths homework so they can show you what they have learnt. Well done children, this is not an easy skills but you are all doing really well.

In literacy we have been writing a story about an adventure we would like to go on in a hot air balloon - we have built our stories up gradually to include where we went, who we went with, what we did and what happened. The children have come up with some wonderful ideas and every one is different - ideas have included a trip to Disney Land, a journey around the inside of their body and going to Dinosaur Land to make DNA!

In out Geography work we have been finding out about the capital cities of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. We had a lovely time on Wednesday afternoon when we explored the school grounds to look for signs of winter.  

A particular highlight was our PE lesson on Monday when we started to our lessons on country dancing.




Week 14 - Monday 11th - Friday 15th December.

What a wonderful week we have had. The children have performed amazingly in all of the nativity plays. I am very proud of the all.  Thank you to everyone who came to parents evening this week, it was good to have the opportunity to share your child's progress with you and for you to be able to see all the work they have been busy doing this term.

The children have finished off their work on addition and subtraction this week and now have a good understanding of how to solve mathematical problems using these skills.

In literacy the children have written about their weekend news and retold the chirstmas story by sequencing a set of pictures and writing captions to go with them.

They have also been very busy making Christmas cards and decorations that they are looking forward to bringing home next week. I think the highlight of the week involved the children making biscuits that they then decorated to look like a  snowman.

Well done Mount Everest class - another great week.  It will soon be Christmas.


Week 13 - Monday 4th - Friday 9th December.

The end of term is fast approaching, we have enjoyed starting our 'Christmas activities' this week.

The children have performed our Nativity play with a modern twist; to the whole school and are now very excited to perform the their families next week.

In class we have been consolidating our work on subtraction using number lines. We had a fun science lesson on Thursday looking at the materials needed to build a house. we linked this to the story of The Three Little Pigs.


Week 12 - Monday 27th - Friday 1st December.

Another week has flown by, it seems hard to believe we only have two weeks left of the autumn term!

The children have continued to work exceptionally hard as well as rehearsing for our nativity play.

In literacy we have begun reading and retelling the story of 'The Three Little Pigs' as well as writing instructions.

In maths we have begun subtraction work, at the start of the week we focussed on using cubes to take away one digit numbers, we have now moved on to using 2 and 1 digit numbers and begun to use a number line rather than cubes.

The children have worked well and have developed their understanding of this concept.

As a whole school we have also been taking part in 'anti bullying week.' We have talked about 'what a bully is' but more importantly 'what makes a good friend.' The children said that 'we don't have bullies in our class and everyone is friends together.' I thought this was a lovely reflection on how well the children behave and all get on with each other.

The highlight of our week was our trip to St. Marys church where the children found out about the Christmas story.

Thank you to everyone who came to help with this, your time and support is greatly appreciated.


Week 11 - Monday 20th - Friday 24th November.

Another week has flown by, each week seems to be going faster and faster. This week we have done our first 'big' rehearsal in the hall for our Christmas nativity play. All the children were fantastic and it was a very special moment to hear them all singing together. I know you will be very proud of them when you come to watch the play. Hopefully you have received. the letter telling you how to order your tickets through school money. Once we have your order we will send tickets home via your child's book bags. Our focus for literacy this week has been based around the story of Little Red Riding Hood, we have retold the story using talk for writing actions, wrote a letter to Grandma telling her all about school and written the story using time conjunctions! In maths we have been focussing our work on number bonds to 10 and 20. we also did a rising stars maths test this week to consolidate all the work we have covered this term - I was so impressed with the children's results and am looking forward to sharing all their achievements with you at parents evening in a few weeks.

In art we have been learning how to draw pictures of people to show their emotions using different expressions. In RE we have been learning about the special meal 'Shabbat' celebrated by Jews. The children then created their own meals.

Well done Mount Everest class - another wonderful week.

Week 10 - Monday 13th - Friday 17th November.
This week has been 'Illustrate my World' week as part of Creative and Innovation Hub. We have had a great week finding out about the illustrator Axel Scheffler, focussing mainly on the story of Stickman.
The children designed some wonderful pillowcases which they wore to our showcase on Friday afternoon.
On Tuesday afternoon we had a lovely time making our own Stickmen - they are all very different and unique but all look wonderful. We have retold the story of Stickman through drama and music, made wanted posters to help find Stickman while he is away on his adventures and retold the story using our own ideas for Stickman's adventures.
Click below to have a look at some of the activities we have been doing

Week 9 - Monday 6th - Friday 10th November.
What a busy week we have had in school - the children have been amazing and I am incredibly proud of them all. 

Our focus in literacy this week has still been around Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but this time, we have been looking at writing invitations. In maths we have been consolidating our addition work by using the commutative law! This involved the children in finding as many ways as they could to make a given number!

Our highlight of the week had to be our science lesson which followed on from last week - this week we made a zip wire for Goldilocks - the children came up with many different ideas - we tried out many different ways but the best one proved to be a piece of string tied to the shelves and cello taped to the floor on the other side of the classroom! Goldilocks then sat in a little box that had a hook attached to it - when we let go she quickly slid to the bottom - if we gave her a push she fell off!


Week 8 - Tuesday 31st - Friday 3rd November.

The children all came back to school in a happy and cheerful mood after their half term break, ready to continue their learning as year one's.

We have been reading the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears this week, linking this to literacy by writing letters of apology to the bears as if we were Goldilocks. In our special thoughts writing the children had an opportunity to share their holiday news. We are encouraging children to begin to use time conjunctions such as; first, next, then, after that, later etc. to help to order their writing. they are doing really well.

We have also begun to look at using conjunctions to links two sentences together using words such as 'and' 'because' etc.,

In maths we have been adding one and two digit numbers together to find the total. To begin with we used cubes and then moved on to use a one hundred square by counting on from the biggest number.

We had a great science lesson on Wednesday afternoon where we had to device a way of Goldilocks getting from her tree top house to the three bears house! Corlen came up with the most imaginative way by building a zip wire from Goldilocks' tree top house to the roof of the three bears house and then a slide for her to go down the chimney. We are going to try and build this design to test out the idea in our next science lesson - look out for some photos and an update next week!

In our spare time we have begun to learn the songs for our Christmas play - we will be performing this on

Tuesday 12th December (afternoon), Wednesday 13th December (morning) and Thursday 14th December (afternoon). Information regarding tickets will be sent home shortly.

Well done children, you have made a great start to Autumn term 2.



My Maths

When there is a suitable 'My Maths' activity linked to the work we have been covering in class we will set an activity. We will inform you by text when a homework task has been set, children will then have two weeks to complete this.


Spellings for summer term.

Each week the children will come home with a set of spellings. They will have a week in which to practise them before an informal test at school the following week. Should the children misplace their weekly spellings then please click on the word document below to find them. Please can the children's spelling books be in school every Tuesday.







Our Class Achievements

Who has won an award

Award Who

Class Award

A big well done to Jack S who won our class achievement award in the end of term awards assembly.


Friday 20th July - Ethan - for never giving up and always reaching for the stars.

Friday 13th July - Connor for always flying high in everything he does.

Friday 29th June - Charlie W for always entertaining us in the classroom.

Friday 22nd June - Amelia for always giving her very best in everything she does.

Friday 15th June - Bella - for working really hard and concentrating re4ally well in everything she does.

Friday 8th June - Harmony for always trying hard in everything she does.

Friday 18th May - Alex for always going above and beyond in everything he does.

Friday 11th May - Erin for being a true 'Dovedale' star. Erin never gives up and takes everything in her stride. 

Friday 4th May - Joseph or his fantastic maths work.

Friday 27th April - Grace for her 'I can do it' attitude. Grace always gives 100% in everything she does.

Friday 20th April - Jack B for showing great respect. Jack always follows the schools 'REACH' values. He tries exceptionally hard in everything he does and is a kind and caring little boy to children and adults.

Friday 13th April - Spencer for his fantastic effort and progress with his reading.

Friday 23rd March - Evan - For his wonderful effort and attitude with his work.

Friday 16th  March - Alfie for his fantastic Street dancing.'

Alfie rose to the challenge of our class dance off with great enthusiasm.

Friday 9th  March - Eli - For being the perfect 'Dovedale' pupil. Eli is a kind and caring pupil who show great determination.

Friday 16th February - Elsa - for her determination and the effort she puts into everything she does. 

Friday 9th February - Robert - for working hard and joining in with classroom activities.

Friday 2nd February - Pollyanna - for her wonderful attitude to her work.

Polly always gives her best in everything she does.

Friday 26th January - Addison - for his fantastic attitude towards his work.

Friday 15th January - Imogen - for her conscientious attitude to all her work, Imogen has grown in confidence and tackles everything with a big smile on her face.

Friday 12th December - Charlie TA for his beautiful handwriting and letter formation.

Friday 1st December - Cerys for her wonderful drawings of Little Red Riding Hood.

Jack S for being such a kind and caring friend to everyone.

Friday 17th November - Corlen has won our class award this week for being a great scientist.

Friday 10th November - Jack B for always doing the right thing, trying hard in everything he dies and being such a big help within the classroom.

Friday 20th October - Issac  for being a great material detective in our science lesson.

Friday 13th October - Harmony - for being the perfect pupil. Harmony always gives 100% and is a kind and caring friend to everyone.

Friday 6th October - Jensen for his beautiful handwriting.

Friday 27th September - Jessica - for always giving 100% in everything she does.

Friday 22nd September - Luca - for being an amazing year one and achieving so much in only three weeks!

Friday 15th September - Isabelle - for her wonderful maths work on finding one more and one less.

Friday 8th September - This week Robert received our class award for his wonderful attitude towards being in year one. Well done Robert - keep up the good work.

Bronze Awards

Week beginning Monday 4th December.

This week Addison, Harmony, Cerys, Eli, Bella and Robert have acvheved their bronze awards.

Well done everyone, another wonderful week.

Week beginning Friday 1st December - All the children have earned at least two stickers this week, as a result the following children will be being presented with their bronze awards very soon - Grace, Charlie W, Imogen, Charlie TA and Corlen.

Well done everyone - keep up the good work.

Week beginning Monday 20th November - All the children have worked really hard this week and earned lots of stickers - as a result, Issac, Erin, Elsa, Amelia, Pollyanna, Charlie W, Aaron, Spencer and Jensen have achived their bronze awards.

Well done everyone, keep up the good work.

Week beginning Monday 13th November - All the children have worked hard this week and had at least two stickers on their charts - the children achieving their bronze awards are Isabelle, Jess, Jack B and Alex.  Well done everyone, you will get your certificates in assembly very soon.

Week beginning Monday 6th November - Joseph has achieved his bronze award this week and will be presented with it in assembly very soon.

Friday 3rd November - Luca has achieved his Bronze award this week. This will be

presented in assembly shortly.

Well done Luca.

Silver Awards

Monday 26th February

All the children came back with a great attitude after he half term break and everyone earned at least one sticker on their charts.

this meant that Grace, Ethan, Imogen, Aaron, Cerys, Eli, Jack S, Bella and Erin have achieved their silver awards.

well done children, you will be presented with these in assembly very soon.


Wednesday 14th February

Another busy week with everyone earning more stickers on their charts.

This week Robert, Alfie, Harmony, Jensen, Spencer and Corlen have achieved their Silver awards. They will be presented with these in assembly after half term.

Well done everyone - keep up the good work.


Wednesday 7th February

Congratulations to Jess, Addison, Jack B and Elsa who have achieved their silver award today.  Well done children, you will be presented with them in assembly very soon.


Wednesday 30th January.

Another wonderful week with lots of stickers being earned for spelling scores, moving up reading levels, great behaviour, being a kind friend and generally working really hard.

Joseph, Charlie TA, Connor, Isabelle, Isaac and Charlie W have all achieved their silver award. Well done children. Keep up the good work.

Monday 22nd January.

The children have worked exceptionally hard to day - especially with our division work in maths and our country dancing in PE.  Everyone has earned stickers on their sticker cards which has meant Pollyanna, Amelia, Luca, Evan and Alex have achieved their silver awards. These will be presented to them in assembly very soon.

Well done everyone.


Gold Awards

Wednesday 13th June - Jack B, Jensen, Isabelle, Jess, Bella, Luca, Aaron, Connor and Jack S have all archived their gold awards today. Well done everyone, you will be getting these in assembly very soon.  

Thursday 7th June - Today Eli, Ethan, Issac, Addison and Alex have achieved their gold award. Well done children, keep up the great work everyone.

Thursday 24th May - Today Polly, Erin, Cerys and Joe have all achieved their gold award. Well done children, you will be presented with these in an assembly after the holiday.

Monday 21st May - Over the last few weeks all the children have earned lots of stickers - today children got stickers for working hard in maths.

Charlie TA, Elsa, Imogen and Alex have achieved their gold award.

They will be presented with these in assembly very soon.

Friday 27th April - All the children have had lots of stickers on their charts this week, however Evan was the first person in our class to achieve his Gold award. Well done Evan. You will be presented with this in assembly very soon.

Super Gold Awards


Platinum Awards