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Welcome to Lupin Class


This is the place to find out everything about our class and what we have been up to in Year 5. Check here for our spellings and homework which is towards the bottom of the page.



Our first topic in Year 5 is all about conflict and will mainly focus on World War 1. It is a History based topic and lots of our topic work will focus on World War 1 and remembrance. It will also link into our Literacy lessons as we'll be reading Mr McCarthy's favourite book War Horse! This topic will last throughout the Autumn Term and will include our Conflict afternoon event. If you have any connections to the forces past or present look out for a letter inviting you to come and share those with Year 5.





Class Blog


If when you ask your child what they've been doing at school and get the reply nothing much, check back here every couple of weeks to find out what they've been doing!




After being locked out of my account for a little while, I'm pleased to get back onto it and write the blog! We've reached the end of our second full week and the summer holiday seems a long long time ago! 

Year 5 is well underway for the children and I think they have been a little shocked by the jump up to the Upper Juniors and the expectations of them for the standard of work and the independence that is required. 

We had our first swimming session today and braved the 40mph winds walking to and from swimming. We've started our topic on Conflict and are looking at why conflicts take place and how they might have changed over the centuries. The children seem to be enjoying the War Horse book. If you have a copy at home they are more than welcome to bring it in to follow along.



Our Topic is now fully up and running and the children are really getting into it. We spent an afternoon this week looking at the causes of the war and the many reasons it started. The children then had to choose which of those reasons they thought was the most important and explained their reasoning. We also did an activity where the children organised themselves into the different alliances over the war. Our writing focus is letters at the moment, this will lead up to the children writing a letter from a soldiers point of view to a loved one back home. Keep an eye out for our letter about Conflict Day, you may be able to help us!



Your country needs you! That famous poster is what we looked at in our Topic lessons this week. We considered some of the reasons people would join the war and produced our own posters to encourage people to join the war. Our Maths has focused on written methods and in true Year 5 style the numbers are a lot bigger than they are used to! We've had a great time writing our letters to a loved one and the children have been able to get into the role of a soldier and go some way to understanding what they went through during WW1.


End of Half Term update

After a really long term I think everyone is ready for a break, 8 weeks is a long while! The children have really settled into Year 5 towards the latter half of this Half Term and are producing some excellent work. Our next Half Term is a busy one, we'll continue swimming, have our Conflict Day and are involved in the Long Eaton Christmas Lights switch on. Thanks for all your support with your child's learning, it really is appreciated and doesn't go unnoticed. I hope you have a super break however you are spending it.

Mr McCarthy



The children have spent this week tackling some challenging Maths! Multiplication of larger numbers is on the agenda this week and while most have found it difficult they have given it a good go, this will be continued next week. Preparations for our class assembly (22nd) are well underway and their homework this week is to learn their lines, a secondary task is available on if they want to have a go at that. Children are now being encouraged to write the homework task they receive each week into their diaries to try and develop independence, however it will still appear on the website below. They are also being encouraged to have their diary signed each week by someone at home as this is a requirement at secondary school. Both of these measures are designed to slowly build independence ready for Year 6 and secondary school. Your support with this is greatly appreciated. 



Thanks to everyone who came to our class assembly, the children did really well to pull it off after little practice, and did really well showing off many different skills! We had a great time at the Christmas Lights Switch On, the reindeer were the best artwork that we have produced since we have taken part in the event and we had many compliments from members of the public about them. Thanks to the parents for dropping off and collecting the children and I was pleased that we managed to get all of the children onto the stage to show off their artwork to the crowds! This coming week is assessment week so the children will have the chance to show off everything they have learnt!


The homework for each date is below. Homework is set on a Friday of each week and is expected to be completed by the following Friday. If any documents go with the homework, they'll be in the homework documents section below. Almost always, the homework set reinforces learning that has taken place in the classroom. 


07.09.18 - Parent Homework

14.09.18 - My Maths

21.09.18 SPAG.COM

28.09.18 - Active weekend homework

05.10.18 - My Maths

12.10.18 - SPAG.COM

19.10.18 - SPAG.COM

9.11.18 - My Maths

16.11.18 - Learn lines for class assembly 

              -Optional Task -SPAG.COM - Recap of learning so far

23.11.18 - My Maths

30.11.18 - My Maths 

7.12.18 - SPAG.COM

Diary Dates

Friday 21st September - Swimming Starts

Thursday 25th October - PTA DISCO

Friday 26th October - INSET DAY

Thursday 22nd November - Lupin Class Assembly

Thursday 29th November - Long Eaton Christmas Lights Switch on. Details in letter!

Friday 30th November - Pyjamas for swimming, water safety

Wednesday 5th December - School Christmas Dinner

Wednesday 5th December - Parents Evening

Friday 7th December - Final Swimming