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Welcome to Lupin Class


This is the place to find out everything about our class and what we have been up to in Year 5. Check here for our spellings and homework which is towards the bottom of the page.


Land of The Free

Howdy Y'all!

The Spring term topic takes us all the way to The Land of The Free over in the USA. The focus will be on Geography looking at some of the Geographical features of the country as well as trying to learn a few different states. Our topic will kick off this week with America Day. Children are invited to come into school in dressed in the colours of the American Flag (red,white and blue) and participate in some American themed activities including non contact American Football. We're looking forward to living the American Dream.


In our English lessons we'll be focusing on the book Holes by Louis Sachar so children can bring in any copies if they have them at home. We'll also be focusing on narrative writing in English lessons. Our Science topic will hopefully be out of this world as it is focused on space! We'll be learning about what gives us seasons, night and day and Tim Peake's time on the International Space Station.


Indoor PE takes place on a Monday and outdoor PE takes place on a Thursday, as you should be aware, we have completed our class swimming session and will no longer be going swimming on Friday's.


As the weather warms up, we'll also have a go at growing our own Lupin plants, another busy term awaits!


Class Blog


If when you ask your child what they've been doing at school and get the reply nothing much, check back here every couple of weeks to find out what they've been doing!



Spring Term

End of term update

We have reached the end of what has felt like a really long half term, the children seem exhausted and are ready for a rest or to divert their attention from school for a week! Today has been a day of mixed emotions as Calum leaves us to join his new school. We're going to miss his smile and bubbly personality but know that he will settle in just fine at his new school. Thank you to everyone who has collected toilet rolls ready for our Lupin growing extravaganza in the spring. We now have enough toilet rolls so no need to keep collecting. Hopefully you'll have something bright and colourful for your garden by May/June time. The weather forecast looks to be a little bit warmer over half term so have a lovely time whatever you are getting up to :)

W/B 4th Feb

I can't work out whether it has been a quick January or a long January but nevertheless it has been and gone! Warmer and sunnier weather is hopefully around the corner. We have been trying to find a sunny day to get outside and do a Science investigation on shadows but have failed thus far! We are also looking forward to warmer weather to try and grow our own Lupins in a number of different ways. Please could you save any toilet roll middles so we can get our Lupins off to a good start! I also plan to have a competition to see who can grow the tallest sunflower, for no other reason than it will be good fun! I hope that the way we are teaching and testing spelling is easy to understand but if not please come in and I'll explain!


W/B 21st Jan


The children have enjoyed our computing lessons so far this term, we have been learning about HTML coding and the code that makes up the colours and format of a website. Using Mozzila Firefox's X-Ray goggles we have been able to make a copy of a webpage and edit the HTML code. They have obviously enjoyed altering other classes web pages! Our class text Holes is starting to get interesting with the plot developing. It is a really good book if you're looking for something to read. The children are beginning to get a really good understanding of fractions and everything is being pieced together slowly but surely and they are getting there!





You are hopefully aware of Spelling Shed, our new program to help the children with their spelling. The children all have a login for Spelling Shed, which is stuck somewhere in their diary. To help the children improve their spelling, I have made a couple of changes to the way spellings are taught/tested.


1. We will still continue to test the words on the Year 5 word list which is available as a document below. However this will only happen once or twice a month rather than each week.


2. Each week or every other week we will focus on a particular spelling rule, for example words that end in tial. The children will complete activities in class for these words and will also have that spelling rule set for them on Spelling Shed to practise at home or in school when time allows. 


This will allow the children exposure to a greater number of words and help them with their general spelling in written work rather than just focusing on spelling a few words. The spellings will be posted here and on ClassDojo for the following Friday. If spellings are not posted on ClassDojo then words from the spelling list will be tested.


To be tested 1st March

10 words at random from the Year 5 Spring word list. These are available on spelling shed.


To be tested 15th Feb

Rule: The last two spelling lists looked at ‘cial’ ending after a vowel and ‘tial’ endings after a consonant. There are exceptions to this rule and they just need to be remembered. This week is a list of exceptions to the rule.













The homework for each date is below. Homework is set on a Friday of each week and is expected to be completed by the following Friday. Children are able to use school laptops if they do not have access to the internet at home and are aware of the appropriate time. If any documents go with the homework, they'll be in the homework documents section below the dates. Almost always, the homework set reinforces learning that has taken place in the classroom. Homework for the next term will be listed below.


w/c 7.01.19 - MyMaths - improper fractions and mixed numbers 

w/c 14.01.19 - MyMaths  - adding and subtracting fractions 

w/C 21.01.19 SPAG.COM - linking ideas and cohesion

w/c 04.02.19 MyMaths -  comparing fractions

w/c 11.02.19 SPAG.COM

Diary Dates


6th Feb - China Information Evening

15th Feb - Break up for Half term

25th Feb - Start back at school

7th March - World Book Day 

27th March - Y5 First Aid Training

2nd May - School Closed for Voting