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We are 28 full of life individuals that are a wonderful team. We use our REACH values to help us to make good choices and always strive to be the very best version of ourselves. Our motto is try everything, believe you can and you will and perseverance is succeeding. 

Our topic is Volcanoes, zones and earthquakes. We are learning all about the geography and science of this topic and combining it with music, art and even our Forest Schools sessions.


18/10/18 Today was the last of our Forest School sessions. To celebrate we made a fire, toasted marshmellows and climbed trees. Thank you to Deven for bringing the extra chocolate spread for everyone to share. It is official that Sarah is the best marshmellow toaster in the class and Callum was the slowest. It didn't matter how well or how quickly they were toasted. They still tasted amazing! Thank you Miss Barratt.

5/10/18 We raised over £700 for Macmillan cancer care with our generous cake sale. Good Team work Hydrangeas. 

4/10/18 Caitlin and Charlotte represented our girls at a football festival this week and did us proud with their 'get stuck in' attitudes.

3/10/18 Our footballers did a sterling job and were only pipped at the post on goal difference in the end. Thank you Joe, Milly and Luke for being great sports people and fantastic ambassadors for our school.

29/9/18 Hidden in a book called Phoenix is a gift for the first child in the class to read it. mail

28/9/18 Today was Stand up Derbyshire day which meant we did 50% of our lessons actively on our feet. Who would have thought that you could learn how to spell as a playground game! We then raised lots of money for Macmillan by having a cake sale. 

27/9/18 We made volcano structures during Forest Schools and then concocted a solution to make them erupt. 

21/9/18 Bonus 2 merits for anyone that finishes their reading book over the weekend and tells me this in their diary with the secret code message of: Avocados are my friends!cheeky

19/9/10 University of Derby Fitness testing - remember your trainers.

14/9/18 Forest Schools starts - remember your old clothes.



Homework in Y6 is used as a stepping stone for what can be expected at secondary school. It is important that diaries are used on a daily basis, that homework is recorded in them and that they are signed by an adult at home on a weekly basis. 


At least one piece of homework is given out each week. This may be in the form of e-homework (mymaths,, TT Rock Stars etc) or it may be paper based. When paper based it needs to be completed in the homework book. The presentation and organisation expectations for work in this book are also set out in this book. Pupils hand homework back within a week of it being set.

Remember: To be the best version of ourselves we give our all to everything.


25/10/18 An underground city (comprehension

Y6 complete spelling list

18/10/18  Mymaths and

5/10/18 - TT Rock Stars (Studio baseline test)

The Baking Battle (comprehension)

28/9/18 - Volcanoes of the World (reading comprehension)

21/9/18 - Mymaths and some additional spelling word searches that are optional.

18/10/18 Lani is a super star and was recognised today in or special assembly. Her writing is a treat to read. indecision

5/10/18 Today Ben shone. He was recognised for his wonderful attitude towards his work and how he treats people.cheeky

28/9/18 Our star student this week is Katie S for her perseverance, willingness to try and general nothing is too much trouble attitude. frown

21/9/18 Today Joe received the class award for his fantastic attitude towards Y6. He has been a great team member and because of this has earned his place in the school football team too. no

14/9/18 Michael was the first person to be recognised in our special assembly for his fantastic start and role model behaviour.smiley


The following websites will be useful for homework and general use. They are all educational but fun to boot.