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Hey, we are 24 spirited Year 6 students that love learning and endeavour to do our best so that we can be the best version of ourselves. We have big dreams and work hard at school to fulfil them. We are training our minds to believe that anything is possible.


 This is our wonderful class. We love playing with words and have come up with our class slogan. What do you think?...



4/5/18 - STAR WARS DAY - It's been a hectic week getting so much curriculum covered before our tests in a fortnight. The children have worked so hard. At least we all have a long weekend to recover. 

20/4/18 Wow! What a week. The sun has finally shown up and put bigger smiles on all of our faces. Thank you to everyone who came to Parents' Evening. It was lovely to see so many of you. A big thank you for all you are doing towards helping with reading at home, completing homework and getting things back to us promptly. We are in it to win it! 

13/4/18 Today was career's day. Thank you to everyone that came in to share their knowledge and wares with us. We have all gone away inspired and with a better knowledge of the different types of jobs there are out there.

23/3/18 Happy Easter - today we paraded our bonnets for everyone to see. Miss Aldis was a bit over 'eggcited' when she won first prize for the best teacher's bonnet. Jack B walked away a chocky egg heavier after sweeping up the prize for best Giant's Causeway hat.

15/3/18 Science Day was so much fun. we moved to the different upper junior classes experimenting, testing and exploring the wonderful world of science.

8/3/18 World Book Day (Take II) We had a great day painting our book characters and designing the scene from the book. 

1/3/18 Today school is closed due to adverse weather conditions. As it is World Book day make some time in your day off to read a book, please.

2/3/18 WOW another snow day - take some time to make something - how about a cake or biscuits or do something you wouldn't normally do.

16/2/18 We had an amazing time at the workhouse. Check out the pictures. It was a tough day but nothing life what life would have been like back then for those paupers. Luckily we all made it out without becoming inmates.

8/2/18 I have added the marking scheme for this week's reading booklets. There is a separate doc for each section (fiction, non-fiction and poetry) Thank you for your continued support.frown

8/2/18 It's very cold - sometimes sub-zero- please encourage your child to bring a coat to school as many are coming in from the playground very cold after break and lunchtimes, thank you.

2/2/18 This week we have been discussing whether mobile phones should be permitted in schools as an aid to learning. The children have written some brilliant balanced arguments. If you talk to them at home I think you will agree that their views are very mature and considered. 

31/1/18 Many of you are asking for extra homework booklets. Thank you for this support. I have printed off a reading and maths reasoning booklet for the children for this week's homework. In the homework section below you can find the answers to help you to better support your child (many of the reading answers need to be in more depth than it would initially seem) - Thank you, Miss Aldis


26/1/18 We had a brilliant gymnastics lesson this week with people twirling and twisting like professional gymnasts. The spectacle was quite a wonderful sight.

19/1/18 A friendly reminder that quite a few children are not completing their homework. Could you please help them to prepare for secondary school by sitting down with them to encourage them to do it?  Unfortunately they will be put into isolation or given a detention at secondary school if they fail to complete homework. 

11/1/18 Today a letter about a Y6 trip to Southwell workhouse came out. We will be going back to 1861 and experiencing a day in life of a Nottingham pauper on Friday 16th February. 


10/1/18 A whopping 19 of us are reading or have read Wonder. So much PSCHE is coming out of it. The children are loving reading about Augy and his extraordinary life. 

5/1/18 Happy New Year everyone. Our first few days back have been wonderful. So many Giants have had 'Wonder' for Christmas so are thoroughly enjoying our discussions. Will we get that cinema trip I "wonder"?


15/12/17 To day is Pantomime day - we all looked amazing in our Christmas Jumpers.

10/12/17 We are busy preparing, making and busying ready for our Winter Wonderland on Monday after school.


1/12/17 This week has been Anti-Bullying week. We have looked at what bullying is defined as, how to distinguish between bullying and banter and how to behave when you observe bullying as a bystander. We have decided that together we can STOP bullying.


24/11/17 This week the Y6 Committee met to come up with their plan for the Winter Wonderland event. (If you want to know more about this then look out for the coming letter).


17/11/17 This week has been C+ I week. This year the title was ' Illustrate my world'. We have designed our own book characters, put words to a completely wordless book and done so much more


3/11/17 Our Indonesian Batik paintings - in the style of Andy Warhol  - are coming along a treat. One more stage before they are finished. Don't they look great! 




19/10/17 We set new goals in the personal fitness testing where we had to sprint, balance, sit-up,and so much more like agility and hand-eye coordination challenges. We set a new whole school sprint goal and have the school's most flexibly athletes. Tonight is the 'Spooky PTA Discos' so we are hoping for some scary visitors. 

Our Y5/6 footballers won round two of the area football tournament  so are off to country
finals next. Well done folks.

After our visit to Trent College to meet award winning author Dan Smith, Trent College are holding a writing competition based on his newest book. The competition instructions are below in the 'Homework' section. Please read them carefully and have your entry in by Friday the 3rd  of November. This is your half-term holiday homework so expect everyone to enter.



13/10/17 Wear your favourite colour day was bright and beautiful. Please spend some good quality time this weekend reading so that we can get up there on the leader board again!


12/10/17 The first Class Assembly of the year took place and it was ours. Giants made themselves and parents proud.


11/10/17 We went to Trent College to meet award winning author, Dan Smith. 


10/10/17 Times Tables Rock Stars was launched and now we are in full rock star competition with one another and others from all over the world.


21/9/17 Next Wednesday is  National Fitness Day so don't forget to come dressed as your 
favourite athlete or in your own sports wear. I will have to dig out my Beth Tweedle leotard for the occasion. 


15/9/17 Well after surviving a warning earthquake and an emergency evacuation from
a volcano site, Giant's seem to be resilient.


4/5/18 Today, Emily was credited in our special assmebly for her outstanding attitude to everything. heart

20/4/18 Harry was recognised today in our Awards' Assembly for his persistent efforts.laugh

9/3/18 Matthew's enthusiasm for reading has brought him recognition in this week's Award Assembly.mail

23/2/18 Today we celebrated with Jack W. for his improved attitude and output.cheeky

16/2/18 Latisha got to shine this morning in the Awards' Assembly for much improved CGP test results. 

9/2/18  Due to her REACH high attitude, Alyssa got to shine in our Awards' Assembly today. no

26/1/18 This morning Charlie was awarded our certificate for his huge rise in spelling results. indecision

12/1/18 Cole is the first Giant of 2018 to be recognised in our special assembly. He has been making such a huge effort with his reading that I want to world to know just how great he is. no


1/12/17 Emily received an award for her outstanding Flotsam story. Harry was given a Friendship Award for his recognition of how others may be feeling.smiley


24/11/17 So far this year Charlie, Ben, Matty, Harry, Emily, Imogen, Yasmine, Kian, Honey, Alyssa and Jack H have all completed their Bronze Merit Cards.frown


17/11/17 Honey was recognised in the special assembly for her outstanding mid term tests.mail


3/11/17 Yasmine and Honey received their Bronze Awards in today's celebration assembly. Honey also got her 3/4 reading millionaire certificate.laugh


20/10/17 Ben was recognised in our assembly today for being a wonderful role model. no


13/10/17 Despite not being here Jasmine was recognised for her perseverance with short division this week. smiley


21/9/17 Latisha has been recognised as an accomplished writer this week for her explanation text.frown


15/9/17 Millicent has been recognised for a superb attitude towards work and school life.cheeky


8/9/17 Jack W was recognised in our awards assembly for making a great start at Dovedaleindecision