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Here you can find out about Dovedale PTA (Dovedale Association), news and our upcoming events.

Would you like to join Dovedale PTA? Your support is valuable to us whether as a volunteer at events, providing fundraising ideas or other background support. We would love to hear from you. Get in touch via the following ways:


Facebook page: Dovedale Primary School Association – Long Eaton. 

The next Dovedale PTA meeting is on Monday 15th January at 7.45pm in the Wilsthorpe Tavern. All welcome, please come along.



Well done to everyone who took part and attended the Dovedale Summer Fair 2017. With your help we raised an amazing £1,835.27 for our school. All the money raised will be used to enhance the surroundings and experiences of our children at the school. Thank you all so much for your continued support!


Upcoming Events 2018

Watch this space for news of exciting events taking place throughout the school year in 2018



About Dovedale PTA


Dovedale PTA was set up over 26 years ago as a community association linking teachers, children, parents and those in the surrounding area to the school.

The PTA help to generate new funds for the school to purchase new equipment and items that might otherwise be unaffordable. In recent years we have paid for a Tyre Park and large outside play equipment.

We always need new members on the PTA and would very much welcome you to come along to our meetings. If you would like to become involved please contact us in any of the following ways:

Facebook page: Dovedale Primary School Association - Long Eaton

Email: dovedaleassociation @

Or find us at school drop off/pick up.


How we have helped our school year 2016/17

Thanks to all of your support Dovedale PTA have been able to help our school with the necessary funds where Government funding is simply not available.

We have been able to provide each class with an allowance which they are able to spend on whatever they like. Some examples this year are where one class bought food for the children to try and enjoy at Chinese New Year and another class used theirs for storage boxes to organise the PE kits.

We have paid for the bookmarks which were used as prizes for each different coloured School House. Just before Christmas we paid for the pantomime that the children enjoyed and we also facilitated the sale of the Christmas cards which were designed by the children.

In addition we have continued to support the staff and children across the school in their learning and play throughout the year by providing the necessary funds when requested. We have paid for new equipment for the children to enjoy playing with at lunchtimes. We also contributed towards the recent Year 5 Tudors experience.

We have paid half the money along with the school towards MNM's theatre production of Jungle Book at school this April. We hope this will inspire the children when taking part in the Long Eaton Carnival.

This is just a small selection of what we do but all of this would not be possible without you. We would like to thank you for your continued support where funds raised go directly to enhancing the surroundings and experiences of our children at the school.  

The more we raise, the more our children gain. “Aiming High Together!”


 Look how we have performed year 2016/2017


Amount raised

September – Fashion Show


October – Spooky Disco


November – Movie Night


December – Christmas Hamper Raffle


December – Bauble Decorating Competition


February – Valentines Cake Sale


March – Junior’s Film Night


April – Easter Trail


May - School Disco


July - Summer Fair



 You help us make this happen! Thank you for all of your support.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Dovedale PTA?

The Dovedale PTA is Dovedale Primary Schools Parents and Teachers Association. You may also hear people call us the Dovedale Association. It is a registered charity - number 1039665. We are a friendly, informal committee where everyone’s contributions, however small, are appreciated and valued.

Who can join the PTA?

Anyone with an interest in helping the school thrive in the community can get involved: parents, teachers, past pupils, carers, grans, granddads and local residents who want to play an active role in their area.

Why do you need a PTA?

It’s amazing how many people are willing to help out at their child’s pre-school because it is understood that they need financial assistance to operate, but when it comes to school, they think that there is plenty of money available. This is not the case! Government funding covers (but only just!) the essential teaching requirements of the school. All extras are not financed by the government and money needs to be raised for such items.

What does money raised by the PTA buy?

Most years we are able to donate at least £1,000 for the bulk purchase of items to help with teaching and for the enjoyment of the children. In the past we have funded the trim-trail which is located on the playing field, the climbing equipment in the Reception play area, the staging and curtains for the hall, numeracy equipment, musical instruments, globes, book bags, picnic benches, additional chairs for the hall, playground equipment, theatre company visits and have subsidised school trips. This is just a start...! The more help we have the more we can do.

How often are the meetings?

On average, the meetings are twice a term to decide on the activities for that term. We aim to make the meetings last no more than an hour. We continue to stay in touch via a message forum and emails.

When and where do the meetings take place?

We currently hold meetings on a Monday evening at The Wilsthorpe Tavern, Wilsthorpe Road, Long Eaton.

If I joined the Dovedale PTA, what would I be expected to do?

Being a member of the PTA is not hugely time-consuming, nor does it require special skills or training. Enthusiasm and energy is vital but no other qualifications are needed. If you are able to attend the meetings or simply to assist at events planned during the year to raise money for your children’s school we would be delighted to have you.

Can I bring children to the meetings?

Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate children at our meetings.

What events do you organise?

Discos, Movie Nights, Christmas and Summer Fairs, Craft Fairs, Fashions shows, Craft Clubs, Pantomime, Christmas Bauble Competition...

These are just a small selection of the events that we organise.

Need more information?

Please contact us in any of the following ways:

Facebook page: Dovedale Primary School Association - Long Eaton


Or find us at school drop off/pick up.

Please contact us directly as the school office are unable to answer PTA queries.