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Welcome to Asters Class Image result for asters


It has been super busy at 'ASTERS class this term. Our Time Machine travelled back to 1666, and the children have been learning all about the Great Fire of London, and how Samuel Pepys was able to record the event in his diary, as well as playing an influential role in stopping the fire.  The children are loving this topic and have amazed us with how well they understand how this significant event has influenced how we live today.


In maths we have been focussing on multiplication and the relationship it has with division.  The children know that multiplication can be represented pictorially (for example as an array), as well as a repeated addition.  They also know how multiplication is commutative, and that for example 3 X 4 is the same as 4 X 3.  The children are working hard and we are really pleased with their progress this term.


Many thanks for your support, 


Mrs Ganguly.



Thursday 25 October - Break up for half term

Friday 26 October – INSET - school closed to pupils

Monday 30 October – Return to school

Monday 12 November – School photographer - Individual photographs

Wednesday 28 November – Tuesday 4 December – Book Fair

Wednesday 5 December- Parents evening.

Friday 7 December- Church visit.

Tue 11 December(pm)/ Wed 12 December(am)/ Thur 13 December(pm)-KS1 Christams Play

Friday 21 December – Break up for Christmas



If you wish to speak to me about anything regarding your child please contact me on





Messages from Mrs Ganguly



Just a week to go before our Christmas Concert and the children have been working very hard. Rehearsals are going well, with most children remembering most of their lines, and we are now working on clear, loud voices! Please encourage your child to practise their lines whenever possible at home - thank you!


We are also looking forward to our visit to St Mary's Church on Friday 7th December for 'Experience Christmas'.   Many thanks if you have volunteered to come along with us. We much appreciate your help and support. 


Our Parents Consultation Evening is this Wednesday, and I look forward to meeting you then to discuss your child's progress. 

Useful information about our timetable:

We do PE on Tuesdays (outdoor) and Thursdays (indoor).

Spelling tests are on Wednesday.

Asters Class timetable


Reading – please read at home with your child as often as you can.

MyMaths homework is set fortnightly.

Please support your child with Spelling practise and learning Times Tables.

Use the following link to help with your Times tables

Information about Year 2 Spellings:

In Year 2, most children will be practising spelling words which are taken from the statutory list of words that they are expected to be able to spell by the end of the year.  We have broken this list down into half term lists of 30 words, 10 of which are selected each week at random for our spelling test.  Although this list may seem overwhelming at first, please bear in mind that there are fewer words to learn throughout the half term (compared to 10 new words a week in Year 1), meaning that there are lots of opportunities for children to practise and be tested on each word.

We don’t expect children to learn all of them at once! We suggest you choose 5 words each week and practise them thoroughly (ideas are included in the Spelling List booklet).  While it is unlikely that those 5 words will come up in the next test, what we will hopefully begin to see is an improvement in spelling test scores over the half term, and more importantly, children will be remembering to use correct spelling in their work!  If you require further information please do not hesitate to ask us.


Children will be heard read on a 1:1 basis at least once every two weeks and once a week in a guided group with an adult. 

If the children have read their book twice then they need to do a quiz on the 'Accelerated Reader' before changing their books.Reading remains an important part of the children’s learning and we do ask that children read as often as is possible at home. Children that read 3 or more times each week will have their names moved up the chart which gives them a merit.